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Expenses of home grown?


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I was wondering if someone could give me a list and maybe price base of how much it would cost me to start growing.
I currently have no equipment and no seeds or clones.
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it depends on what you are planning to achieve?
what is your goal?
this question can only be answered by you.


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Price? How much does it cost to travel from one place to another? Anywhere from next to nothing (if you walk) up to a great deal if you charter a plane.

Items needed? A seed or clone. Source of light. Nutrients, water, air-movement.

Without knowing whether you're talking about outdoor, indoor, soil, soiless, various hydroponic methods, organic/inorganic nutrients, et cetera, there's just no useful way to answer your question.

Please do some reading in the How to Grow Marijuana - 420 Magazine and Frequently Asked Questions - 420 Magazine forums so that you'll have some grasp of what you want to do. Then come back and ask your question again (if your reading hasn't already given you the answer) and provide more information.


+1 for what TS says. I read alot of that as well plus when I first started I had a copy of "The Cannabis Bible"? (think that what it was) and that helped a lot. I am growing outdoors in 5 gal. buckets and my biggest expense this year was buying the potting soil, I still have plenty of Earth Juice left from last year. Probably spent about $100 on this years grow. :MoreNutes:


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am on ma first grow and using the bare minimum bar from nutrients the soil cost me a couple of quid and the seeds cost about twenty for 4 of them plus p&p dont think a can say where from but p&m seeds a bought cana coco a&b for 15 pound and am using black and white for ma tent which isnt much at all

almost forgot a got a ballast from the internet with a 400w hps bulb for under 40 pound
hope that gives ya a ruff idea


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The Skys' the limit really.

I'll give you a cost estimate for a 4' x 4' indoor growing area with no previous gardening supplies or lighting equipment...

This would be for quality equipment. You can do this much cheaper if you buy junk and low priced chemical fertilizers etc. Not worth the trouble in my opinion, but if money is tight, you can cut corners in a few areas without totally negating the whole point of the investment. (Quality Medicine!)

A quality four foot T5 flouresent light fixture like something from Hydrofarm with 4 tubes will run you about $180.00 to $200.00. That is enough light to grow 2-3 plants to maturity with an average height of about 30 inches and a combined final yield of between 3 and 4 ounces of dried bud.

Three 9" clip on fans for the most economic air circulation figure about $15.00 each online from say Amazon.com. A total of about $60.00.

A couple of digital timers for controlling your light fixture and a separate one for the fans, figure about $40 - $80.00 for the pair depending on the brand. I use Intermatic DL620CLs Digital Appliance timers which are awesome with two grounded plugs per timer, tons of config options and because they can run an AC unit or washing machine, they have a very high amperage rating. In one of my rooms, I am running five of the 4x4 deluxe Hyrofarm fixtures like the above off one of these timers. ($30-40 bucks a piece depending on where you buy them.)

Hanging gear to suspend the fixture and have the ability to raise and lower it, such as a pair of Pro-Grips will run you around $20.00 retail. Something to attach the Pro-Grips to is an unknown cost depending on your situation. Figure 5-20 bucks.

Seeds run between 30 and 50 bucks for 6 to 12 seeds of a high end strain like BlueCheese, Northern Lights, White Rhino etc. depending on where you buy them. Clones run between 12 and 20 bucks a piece also depending on strain and where you buy them.

Soil, nutes, pots figure about $150.00 including a 3 month supply of quality organic nutes for veg and flower. Power bill, all depends on your location.

So...For a basic indoor growing area with no previous equipment or gardening supplies in a 4 foot by 4 foot grow area within a closet or bathtub with three clones will run you about $450.00 to $550.00.

Can be less if you are creative with your budget or much, much more if you go for higher end lighting for a larger growing area, more plants per grow, air filtration etc.

Like I said... The Skys' the limit! ;)
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