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Experienced Smokers, am i alone on this?


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ok im about to start explaining what this thread is all about lol and i just want to say ahead of time, this may (it sure did) end up being long, but i hope that anyone with a good amount of experience will take the time to read this and tell me what u think because sometimes i get so emotionally weird latley it feels like theres no hope of getting passed it. so to start off, i started smoking dec 05 and from about feb 06 ive smoked basically everyday to this day, and in the passed year id say ive taken about 5 days off with never more then 2 days in a row lol. im 19.

ok so im in cali and i get nothing but the dankest of herbs. i ususally buy a half oz and go through it in a week or so. and i hang out at peoples houses and stuff just shredding up the bong, smokn blunts wutever it is. and one thing that seems to happen all too often is i just get into this mental state that is just so emotionally draining i dont know what to do with myself. the high i get now is so different from what i got when i started smoking, but if im around people i always seem to start off fine, like when i show up and sober ususally im all good, i feel good and stuff, but then its as if ill have some beer smoke alot of weed and later on i feel like i cant even communicate with people haha, not like im just hell of drunk and high and im just fucked up and cant talk but its like i dont even really feel high and i dont even feel drunk, i just feel fuckn totally dull, as if my face isnt even giving any expression, its like im just a body sitting there with no thoughts or emotions haha. and then ill get so uncomfortable about it that all i do is concetrate on the way i feel so if someone talks to me ill sit there and feel like im retarded or sumthn and i cant even respond with more then a couple words that i try to push out so that people will just stop talkn to me and i can try to get my head straight. but the problem is it seems like i never get feeln better again, until i just go home and sleep it off the parties or wutever it is im doing r just done for.

i mean it gets me wondering if ive always been that way and just never really noticed and maybe it has nuthn to do with drinkn or weed, or if i smoke so much weed that i dont even really get high in a good way or sumthn, its so hard to explain, cuz i feel like everyone else could have smoked and drank just as much as me and they seem to b having the time of their lives. like when u drink beer u should b waking up and feeln good not losing all the energy and feeling shitty. and sometimes ill feel completely fine high or not high and ill just tell myself to stop worrying the next time i feel weird, but then i really cant control it, other times its just no good and i cant help it.

or i wonder if the facial expression is just from smokn so much weed that maybe i do just look high to everyone else and to myself i just feel like theres no emotion going on or sumthn.

so hard to explain haha, i feel like an idiot just tryn to explain this, but i figure if this has anything to do with weed this is the place to find out if anyone can relate to it.

when i smoke now i dont even really feel euphoric, i used to get a hell of obvious switch into the euphoric high, now its just like another mood that once i get into it i cant even distinguish from being regular. its like i just get stupid as fuck and cant think of much and get paranoid and shit. maybe i need to take some time off and see if any type of euphoric feeln comes back? i have a hard time taking 1 day off though, its like after work at the end of the day if my state of mind doesnt switch over to being high i feel like sumthn was missing that day lol.

sorry i know this is way long, but i did my best to try to say wut i wanted to say. hopefully i explained it in a somewhat understandable way.

thanks to anyone who takes the time reading this and for annnny input. :51:


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Sounds like time for a break to me. Anytime you stop enjoying something, it's time to give it a rest, especially weed. It sounds to me like you're just getting ultra burnt out. Just cool it for a bit and see how you feel. Or you could try doing something when you're high instead of just sitting around the house, it might take your mind off how you're acting enough for you to enjoy it again. But yeah, I'd say take a break. Let the tolerance die off a little bit and start enjoying your highs again.

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Hey Snauzer, thanks for posting. Sounds like you may be having problems with tolerance. Why not have a break for a while and see if things improve. The way things are for you at the moment, weed may not be the answer. Asking questions like this on a cannabis awareness forum is a very smart thing to do. Sounds like you already may have some of the answers. Stick around awhile and you will learn a shitload more. Stay happy.


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good plan dude, i just needed to hear somethn from a fellow stoner, cuz id feel like a psycho tryn to explain something like this to anyone in person haha. i have a hard time taking my mind off myself sometimes. i can never seem to find much to do that i can keep my mind on, its like i can sit here and listen to music and stuff but theres not a whole lot to do when im just chilln.


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its so weird though cuz i havnt smoked since last night and now today im already feeln good enough again that im about ready to twist it up and go burn, but ive done this for so many months i know ill prob end up paranoid or wutever it is. but im always wanting to go do it again lol.


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Sounds like you just need to "go with the flow" sort of speak. I think you are overthinking what you feel like, or how you will feel, when your high and your kind of freaking out because of it. If you are with friends, just sit back and relax. No one says you NEED to smoke another bowl or drink another beer if you don't want to, or that you must smoke or drink anything for that matter. Just politely refuse, pass it or say "no thanks, im far too high already." :3:

I am a strong advocate of the philosphy that if something that is supposed to be fun stops being pleasuable then stop doing it. Good luck. :allgood:


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ahhh yes. To be burnt. I've experienced something like that in the past. Your simply smoking too much. Try this. Next time you smoke. Only smoke 1 bowl. Don't keep hitting the bowl just because its there. Try limiting your sessions to the weekends for awhile. Take 2-3 hits a session. Don't keep filling the bowl. That's gonna keep your tolerance up and give you that burnt feeling. Good luck


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but what freaks me out the most is i start thinkn so deep that im like, o fuck wut if ive had some serious mental problem my whole life where i acually dont control facial expressions or sumthn haha and weed makes me aware of it when really thats how i always am or sumthn haha. fuckn total paranoia, thats probably alot of thc build up lol. unless of course i am retarded and dont know it hahaha.


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Listen man, my advice is to stop smoking for a couple of weeks (or more) and then if you want to start back up limit yourself to the weekend or something brah.

If you feel like you need to get high every day that's a red flag, my friend. Its already been said but you have to make the distinction between use and abuse.

Also, someone mentioned not repacking the bowl because it's there. That's good advice as well. Get to where you want to be and don't keep smoking more because you probably aren't getting any higher (especially if your tolerance is as high as you say).


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:smokin3:You might just need a few days or a couple of weeks off !! I sometimes feel like that too!!:smoke2: Try smoking just at night if you cant stop:60:


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Too Much

sounds like too much. 1/2 oz per week will do that! I started smoking with my friend he would smoke all day wake and bake and before going to sleep I'm like YOU'RE CRAZY. you get into a habit where you need to get high because you're always coming down. I did that for a few years and it was all a mistake. people think like getting f#cked up=having fun but when you're fu$ked up all the time that's really no fun. think b4 you smoke and only do it when you feel like it. that might be only once daily or less. just don't make pot and beer the center of your life because in my experience it doesn't work. you need to give your brain a rest. don't get fooled into thinking that you need weed. hope this helps. again 1/2 oz per week will DEFINITELY do that to me where it's like I feel nothing and feel like crap. actually I've never smoked that much


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Set a specific date and do not smoke until then. Yes it is hard to quit but trust me when I say this, IT WILL BE WORTH IT. Do not go all out once you start up again. Keeping it to weekends is also a good idea, and if you don't want to get that burnt out washed feeling, smoke at night.


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Youre not alone dude! I feel ya on this... it sucks but I still get high anyway
i want to say, i completely appreciate every single post, all the advice, ive read it all and i will deff use it in the next weeks/months in figuring out what i can do....

but before i came on here to read this i was thinkn like damn i might go smoke a j right now, then i was reading and i was like damn maybe i shouldnt , ive smoked a blunt and a half today. then i got to this last post and i was like. o fuck it one more j before bed wont hurt tonight haha.

damn its funny how alot of healthy advice can be blown away by one person feeling the same way i do haha.

but seriously tomorrow ill think it over some more.


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I went through a phase like this when I was your age. I think that you're smoking so much because you have nothing else to do. When you get to a point that you use bud to "enhance" every experience, movie, song, party, sex, etc. you eventually think you need bud to have any sort of fun. But you will get to the point where your tolerance is too high and your body stops releasing endorphins. In short-depression. Just take a break for a month or two and try doing things and experiencing them bud-free once in a while. To be an experienced smoker you have to know your body and when its time to take a break.

Also, learn about different strains and the kind you get from your dealer. Each strain will have a different effect on your body and mind. Just because its high quality doesn't mean that the particular strain will compliment you. Best of luck.:peace:


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Hey Snauzer, thanks for posting. Sounds like you may be having problems with tolerance. Why not have a break for a while and see if things improve. The way things are for you at the moment, weed may not be the answer. Asking questions like this on a cannabis awareness forum is a very smart thing to do. Sounds like you already may have some of the answers. Stick around awhile and you will learn a shitload more. Stay happy.

I've noticed lately..your bound to be a moderator sooner or later!!! :headbang:


Yeh dude, like it has been said several times in this thread take a break off smokin for a while. Im currently takin a break off smokin it will be one week tomorrow and im goin for atleast 2 weeks maybe more. For me it was getting to the point that even if i was smokin the dankest of dank, and im used to some pretty bomb shit here in B.C., I found i wasn't even getting that high. I realized it was almost as if i were wasting my money and thats not kool. Take a break even if it is just a week then i almost guarantee the next time you smoke it will be much more enjoyable.:allgood:

:peace: malibu
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