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Experiment to test the cannabinoid levels in roots & stems


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Its not ideal, but you could boil some water, throw them in for 20 mins or so, pull them out, let dry/cool for a bit and then blend or break apart. I would save the water you boiled it in and then boil it down to a few cups and drink it, maybe some CBDs left in there :)


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Great idea. I boiled then simmered these bits for an hour or so. Didnt do much to soften them, and the tea had no taste, smell or evidence of cannabinoids when consumed.

Recommendation would be to process your roots within a day or so of harvest.


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Hi Chris, I'm using THC Analyzer v9.2THC Analyzer.JPG
Hi there,
We are trying to answer some simple basic questions on the potency of rosin. Some say the potency of rosin made from trim is less than from bud. Others say there is simply less yield with the same potency.

It seems to me that tester would solve that for us in a heartbeat...if it can analyze extract. I went to the website but could not get it in English so I couldn't tell how much it cost or specifics about it. How much is that thing? I love the way it breaks down all the #s.I have the tcheck but so far little faith in results.


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Well, I made some oil from just the roots of one of my plants recently in hopes that it might yield some nice CBD oil. Here's how I made it: I chopped up approx 4 grams of a root ball from one of my (supposedly) CBD plants, decarbed it through 2 cycles of my Ardent unit. Then added it to 2 oz of grapeseed oil. Then infused through 3 cycles of the Ardent unit.

I finally sent out a sample of this to a testing laboratory. I received the results today to my disappointment - zero cannabinoids were detected. Here's the actual report:
COA Root Oil.jpg

(btw: ND = Not Detected; LOD = Limit of Detection; LOQ = Limit of Quantitation)

I'm disappointed that there wasn't even a little bit of CBD, but this has spared me the time to prepare more samples as the roots were very time consuming to clean and prep. I can now just throw away my remaining rootballs. :(


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As disappointing as that was, I greatly appreciate you going through the work and the expense. :thanks:

The OP here didn't even use a CBD plant for his test, so that puts the original research in a whole new light.

I save my root balls to add to the rest of the discarded plant parts for my no-THC/CBD skin salve.


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Very interesting. That does suck. :( I'm sorry about that.

....I did boil a tea with the roots once though and the taste was pretty good...that sucks theres no CBDs.

I'd hate to make a request, but if you could I would be interested in seeing a stem tea tested.
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