Experimental grow comparing liquid nutrients and organic nutrients

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Hello, first post, I have been following and reading this site for about a year. This is such a great community, you guys seem to be the most knowledgeable and friendly, thanks for having me!

Without further ado,

I cultivated the same stain two times in a row (ck hashplant) the first time using GH nutrients Under 300w hps, yielding almost 50 grams dry....then tried using only organic soil mix (bat guano, bloodmeal, bonemeal etc) under 300w MH yielded about 18 grams dry. Both runs were only 1 plant, untrained/un-topped)

The organic was MUCH better quality, and flavour, smoother to smoke by far. But 18 grams??? Damn. I guess I could attribute this to using MH only through the entire grow, but I wanted to experiment[emoji851]

Does anyone else have any expertise on growing organically indoors? I would like to stay organic it just tastes so gooooood...but increasing yield would be my first priority.