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Experts... Tryptophan experience?


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Has anyone used tryptophan as a stimulant for plant/bud growth? Im a Biology major and im not sure if anyone will really be able to follow this but i'll try.
IAA(Indole-3-Acetic Acid) is a photohormone that, once synthesized inside the plant, stimulates growth causing apex(buds) and young leave's cells to elongate and thicken. The auxin IAA only appears naturally in very small amounts. Through the synthesis of tryptophan, however, absorbed by roots through a water-based solution, IAA becomes abundant.

On the other hand, when IAA is applied in too large of an amounts, either through the synthesis of tryptophan, or foliar application of IAA solution, it causes rapid, uncontrolled growth, leading to death. It has been used as a herbicide since the early 1940s, with great success.

After all is considered, tryptophan in small, near undetectable amounts? Anyone see where im going?


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I don't think your going to get tryptophan into a plant through the roots, or any appreciable amount in through the stomata.

It seems that plants do a really good job of making their own, and don't have any shortage. It seems to be as plentiful in plant cells as any amino acid.
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