Explosive Anger by Charles

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Explosive Anger by Charles​

My deaf son is 30 now and has been smoking marijuana for 18 years. He did not learn to read well, but recently he finished a tech school program in auto mechanics. Now he has considerable trouble working with hearing people, and in fitting into a working environment and holding a job. His other possible symptoms suggest a mild autism, or other behavioral problems. He has no friends, refuses to associate with other deaf people, is very irritable and explosive, driving his parents crazy, and he now refuses to work. He thinks the world owes him a living because he is deaf.

He uses marijuana especially to get to sleep, to stay asleep, and to eliminate the nightmares he wakes with if he has not smoked recently. His biggest problem seems to be the explosive anger that the marijuana does control.

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That's really a sad thing to hear about your son.

Regarding Marijuana, Marijuana does impair short-term memory, but only during intoxication. THC has been shown to have a negative effect on memory, and chronic abuse of marijuana will cause permanent impairment.
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