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Expo Offers Insight to Medical Marijuana Program

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - As Arizona's medical marijuana program gears up, people can learn more about it at a conference at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

The three-day Green Relief Medical Marijuana Convention runs from Thursday afternoon through Saturday, focusing on effective ways to deliver medical marijuana, the legal issues and clinical applications.

"It's for patients, caregivers and dispensary applicants, of course, but it's also for business owners, landlord-tenant issues, to find out how you can add medical marijuana as a revenue stream in your business," said conference spokeswoman Lisa Wolfe.

She said the stadium floor will be filled with products and services for doctors, patients and others.

"This is not a stoner fest, it's not reefer madness. It is a business convention. We're trying to educate folks," said Wolfe.

The conference also will help people get jobs in the medical marijuana program, Wolfe said.

"We will be providing finger-printing, photos, workshops to let them know what jobs are going to be available, once the dispensaries get their licenses."

Sponsors of the conference include the National Cannabis Industry Association and the Medical Marijuana Business Alliance.

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