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Extremely cheap DWC water cooler controlled with a thermostat.


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A real cheap and easy way to cool your DWC water temp and keep it constant.

A water pump pumps warm water from your bucket into the fridge. In the freezer is a spiral tube to get as much surface area possible for good heat exchange. The cooler water then gets pumped it back into your bucket.

Hook the fridge and water pump to the same power and add a thermostat. When the water goes over the pre determined temp, the thermostat kicks in, turning on the pump and fridge and keeps the water on the right temp.


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I thought of something like this before but decided it would cost a lot more to run.

I only have a big freezer and it would take up a lot of space. .
Small chillers are getting cheeper all the time.

If it's in a dwc why not just drawl the air from a cooling source?
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