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Extremely swollen Calyx or Hermie?


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I have seven plants in my tent. I noticed one of the seven had calyx that were extremely swollen. None of my other plants had this going on. Pics below.


For reference, the rest of the buds on the other plants looks like this

So I cut off the top of one of the buds and opened up two of the calyx and didn't find any mature seeds, but I found what looked like a baby seed. It was tiny, so the camera wouldn't focus on it, this is a magnified image.


So from the pics, can anyone tell if the plants is a hermie, or if these are just swollen calyx near the end of the plants life cycle (been flowing 8 weeks). If it is a hermie, should I harvest it now before the seeds fully mature? I've already removed it from the tent that contains the other six plants. Thanks in advance for your help!


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That does look like an immature seed, which does cause calyx to swell. A hermie would have bananas, I am unable to spot any. A seed would suggest pollination, although I have read about some plants making unviable seeds if they go too long, but your plant doesn't look like it's ready yet. Interested to see what people with some experience under their belt have to say.


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Thanks. I was having some of the same thoughts. The plant doesn't look ready when I look at the trichomes under the microscope. I also scoured this plant and all my others and I can't find a single banana.


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It looks like just swollen calyxes to me. Seeds don't take that long to grow. Six days after pollinating one of my plants I had large immature seeds all over the place. In the early stages they look like soft white pasty stuff that fills the calyxes when you open them up. Keep your eyes open for nanners, but I think you're probably fine.


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I cant see signs of herm, swollen calyxes arent uncommon and sometimes they will produce immature seeds but its nothing to worry about unless it has been caught by male pollen or has hermed which is quite common in femmed seeds. i get roughly 1 in 20 herms using femmed seeds.


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Exactly my current anxiety and have found pollen sacs on the plant which I thought was female, plus 2 others with flowers and Male pollen sacs. These bulging calyxs? Contain what looks like an immature seed, hard but split with a fingernail. Trichomes which were opaque seem to have reduced drastically since a very heavy Electric rainstorm. Whether to cut them now or wait for trichome production. Confusing.

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How’d you make out, crazy hobby we’ve taken up right. My first grow and I’ve wanted to pull my hair out several times. I can’t see amber trichomes on my buds either but their covered in trichomes, I’ve battled spider mites the whole grow with it getting much worse since flowering, I’m chopping Sunday , your buds look awesome, do I see purple in those buds, good luck brother
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