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Extremists Threaten Violence Against Ganja March in Belgrade

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
On the occasion of the Ganja March scheduled to taka place in Belgrade’s Republic Square, on May 5 (Saturday), the members of extreme right organizations known as the United Patriots or United Serb Nationalists, announced a counter-march and threatened to attack the participants of the global movement for abolition of prohibition on marihuana.

The scenes from 2001, when rightist extremists beat-up the participants of the first, and the only so far, gay parade in Belgrade, could repeat this year.

The open call to violence was signed by Serb Patriotic Movement “Obraz”, the “Nacionalni stroj” (National File), Serb congregation “Dveri”, “Blood and Honour”, “Decisive Battle” and “Tzar Lazar’s Guards”.

"We believe that it is unacceptable to hold gatherings that promote social evils such as drug-abuse and homosexuality in this year of the decisive battle for the future of Kosovo and Metohija”, states the public statement issued by the extreme right.

They also say that, should the authorities fail to ban the gathering that promotes legalization of marihuana and treatment of marihuana as life-style choice, the participants in the counter-march will be forced to “intervene and use force to prevent that those sick people march through our city”. They announce that they will “intercept the protest march of the junkies and show them what the healthy national youth is made of”.

According to the public statement, the counter-march is supported by professor Kosta Cavoski, Sinisa Vucinik and Goran Davidovic, a neo-nazi recently sentenced by the Court of Law for his interruption of an anti-fascist debate in Novi Sad.

The organizers of the Belgrade’s Ganja March commented that Ganja march has already been organized in Belgrade in 2005, with about 50 participants and that it proceeded peacefully, without any incident whatsoever.

The cultivation and use of marihuana in Serbia is prohibited. On the other hand, the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful gathering and protest and prohibits all calls and incitement to violence.

Global Marihuana March

For additional information, visit the website of the Global Marihuana March.

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New Member
yah i would have to say I would pack heat or a blade, not to use in violence, but as defense. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FREEDOM TO PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
yah i would have to say I would pack heat or a blade, not to use in violence, but as defense. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FREEDOM TO PROTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with the right to protest, but if you go to a March carrying heat or a blade, the assumption is that you are going to use either, whether your intent is self defence or aggression. History tells us that the most effective form of protest is non-violent. Would Ghandi or Mandela have achieved what they did if they were armed?
In my mind, it is the pinnacle of courage to go unarmed in a protest.


New Member
always its the rightwing pulling this crap.

sure blame the extremists but they have the full support of the moderates...because theres not much difference between the two on that side of the aisle.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
You know Stoney Mama, when I read about violence in protests around the World, I am reminded of how lucky we are in America and Australia. It's moments like this that I truly appreciate the nuances of Freedom.
here is the u.s. violence is a part of many protests. not inflicted by the protesters but by the police thugs. the recent police riot in L.A. is a sad example of that. as i've watched the videos of the pigs shooting their rubber bullets and beating bystanders i watched closely to try and find a cop somewhere that was trying to do what was right. perhaps trying to stop a brother officer from hitting someone. as i expected i didn't see any. each day we seem to move closer to a police state, if it already isn't. its not such a bad place if you don't make waves, do as your told, work and spend. the only lessons that the rulers seemed to have learned is to keep your slaves as happy as you can while filling them with fear. i'm growing increasingly tired of this shit. lets restore freedom to the u.s. or tear the thing down and try building something better. my personal thoughts and not the sites.
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