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Eye Candy - Harvest time? or not?


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83 days from seed La Bella Afrodita (Autoflower)


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I think you're there! :thumb:

I can see that there aren't many white pistils and an auto is pretty much done when it's done - tough to extend the bloom. That's some really pretty bud structure. Nice work!

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Very nice cola. Well done
Delicious Seeds - La Bella Afrodita

The combination of Diavolo with AK47 Automatic reveals a new generation of autoflowering plants, larger with higher productiveness than their predecessors.

Plants may reach from 70cm up to 120cm and produce long branches laden with long, dense buds covered with resin glands. Its scent contains typical Afghan nuances.

This new generation of autoflowering plant will fill your house with joy every three months!

Genetics: Diavolo / AK47 Automatic
THC: 19-20%
Production: 400-450 g/m2 indoor, 35-75 g/plant outdoor
Harvest time: 60-72 days after seeding
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