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Eye Floaters And The Cure?


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Hi 420.

I was wondering if anyone deals with this problem, and/or know what to do, or if its possible to do anything at all besides surgery/laser.

I've had floaters for several years now, on both eyes, some days worse than others. But there large enough to bother me. i am only 24yrs.

I've talked to doctors and i was left with the "there's nothing you can do about it". If smoking or drinking it seems to dissappear but i guess my brain just forgets about it.

Thank you for your time.

Jim Squirryl

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Floaters are perfectly natural, just the shadows of bits of collagen floating around in the liquid of your eyeball.

There is a surgery available, where they suck the liquid out of your eyeball and replace it with a fresh saline solution.

However, if cells of collagen clumped together and became detached after this, you would have floaters again.

I treat my eye floaters by smoking cannabis, it helps me disregard them as anything significant.

Just ignore them, if you can. Don't focus on them and try not to look directly at a clear blue sky :goodluck:


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Thank you for reply, yes i've read several places, and watched youtube videos where they say its normal for most people to have floaters, wether they see them or not. Also searched a little online and found that it can be treated with laser, but its not a 100% cure, it might happen again.
I wish i was able to smoke more often, but the law around here is pretty ridiculously and i cannot effort time nor money to lose my drivers license.

Floaters get worse for me when stressed.


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Jimmejum, I've lessened my floaters by taking Serrapeptase daily at rising and at least an hour before a meal. It lessened the darker ones and is still working. I did not start taking this proteolytic enzyme for this reason but it was a side effect that I was happy to experience. Do some research on Serrapeptase. Maybe it worked alongside my MJ dose to be more effective, I don't know. Just my own experience.


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i had them
got a few detached retinas, they pump the juice out and fill with nitrogen ( i think)
thats slowly replaced with liquids. by the eye itself
they were gone for about 10 yrs, but coming back now, sigh
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