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Fabric Pots & Standing Water

Goat Cheese

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I have my dehumidifier outside my grow tent set to 50%, the relative humidity inside my tent is usually in the low 40 percentile. When I water my plants, I put the fabric pot down inside a boot tray, water and let sit for a minute or two before putting back in the tent. If I watered inside my tent and left the fabric pot sitting in a little run off, would that be beneficial as I am currently watering every 2 - 3 days, so it should be wicked up quickly or should I continue as I am doing, as there is most likely a problem that could occur from the standing water (mold/whatnot)?

I am in the first week of flowering and I have an especially thirsty 3'+ sativa in a 5-gallon fabric pot that seems to always need water.
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