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Falcon's Lots Of 1st's Grow Diary


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you will notice it on the flavour and aroma. my last crop had 1 laughing buddha in soil ( i never use it as i overwater !!) amd she knocked it out of the park where that was concerned. dwc does leech a little flavour out imo. Now the root balls are set she will concentrate on the stretch now so dwc/soil/coco will tend to progress at identical rates now minus the burst from the stretch. are you defoliating at any point or just going with it ?. advice is to get as much light to as many budsites as possible using tucking leaves or plucking. They will reward you for it falcon. well worth a research while you wait for the stretch to finish. ideal time is after the stretch so you can see them all. if you also look at removing the small hidden away below and not ever reaching the canopy budsites that only produce "popcorn" , then she will put the energy into the ones in light. again this is a rewarding method and worth a quick read up.
They look beautiful mate. a great first grow
Yeah, I am definitely going to defoliate after the stretch and remove anything that won't get enough light. The Phantom has responded fantastically after each time I have done a defoliate. Here is a pic from 10 days ago & a pic 5 min ago when lights came on.
I have an organic tea that's been aerating for the last 24 hrs so I will be back with a proper update after strain it and give ger a feed.
IMG_1754_LI - Copy.jpg
IMG_1820_LI - Copy.jpg


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Ahh, your US. strongly doubt its available for me in the UK :( awesome stuff though mate. Can't believe it's that cheap. And your just feeding that one water eh?
i am in same boat here mate.seeing the no tills and how amazing they can be. They kill it over all the systems when right mix is done. We have Farm stores you can use online here in uk and if you have a look through emilya's stuff you can build it yourself too. I have been throwing out ALL waste into a patch of my garden with lots of old coco /clay balls/, egg shells , tea bags ,tons of banana peels , peelings. , garden trimmings and soon the dandilion garden i have on my front for the bees will be harvested for the pile. Them being the best natural nute ever from root to flower .plan is to buy some decent unferted soil to mix in with it and some red wrigglers too get busy too. Add some bennies to get it all active then whack it in a raised bed indoors. just the weight to worry about but our dwc buckets and res can have some weight too so...... I see all the soil recipes here and the stuff used sounds out of reach to us brits. When i do it i will sub u in barney. been thinking of an old gardners tip about putting a fish head directly under your roots when potting up too. Supposed to enlarge tomatoes to silly degrees and they are a nightshade fruit too.
sorry for the waffle but rang a bell for me too


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looking good buddy! nice looking plants :D
nice how the structure builds training like this!
rooting for them to be beauties!!!!

barney, i dont see you switching from hydro anytime soon lol
i do, however, know of a place that makes their own organic soil packed with shit, 3 mixes most expensive being £100 for 50l bag, they sell all the worms material for ammendments etcetc and even the predator bugs if needed lol eughh
i want to start it, but couldnt manage yet haha
Yeah I'm pretty much against soil for sooo many reasons but that's fuckin impressed me. Here's my biggest hydro plant, an auto at day 49. Ended up being over 600g and I'd say there she's about the size of that super soil for the same age. Looks it anyway, 50cm x 50cm.
If I could do that by just feeding water id certainly look into it. It's the twatting about with worms n bacteria n shit that puts me off. His way looks like a doddle though


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That’s a nice jump in size :yummy:
I’m interested in this tea you use - is the recipe up here somewhere homes?
It is a recipe that I got from the dude that makes the soils and living cropping & biodynamic fertilizers I use. The recipe is 10ltr's water, 3 cups Humus rich & fulvic acid Bioactive compost which I aerate overnight then strain, then add 1/8th cup worm extract, a scoop of kelp powder, seaweed extract, some mycorrhizal fungi, and I add some mammoth p for good measure. He recommends applying as a foliage spray in times of disease (mildew aswel) or times of stress or as a soil drench.


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Didn't get to do my day 57 update yesterday so it's Friday arvo now & start of the weekend. While I am waiting for my lights to come on & havin a few beers, I may as well do it now since I took some pics.
Day 57
d 7 12/12
Made up an organic tea brew for soil plant (will have to think of a names for them). Her roots are going bananas. As you can see in the pics she has roots sticking their heads out of the top of the soil.I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. They are at the sides of the pot as well. if I fold it down a bit you can see her roots that are the thickness of say match sticks. Her trunk is nice and thick and you can see where I did hst by just squeezing the branches till they popped.
IMG_1821_LI (2).jpg
IMG_1823_LI (2).jpg


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Hiya. Maybe that top one is trying to climb out of the pot? Might be trying to get you to drink that tea. I’d sleep with a pair of secateurs by the bed if I were you :laugh:
Just a sign she’s thriving I’d guess. You have your conditions dialled in what else can it be? No doubt someone with real knowledge can disabuse us of our ignorance let’s wait and see...
I love the light green new growth every day of stretch watching the girls get bigger :)
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wouldnt worry about the roots popping up, they will soon turn back. i had it on most of my girls last grow, and one has started already now again, i just topped the soil up once there was sign of lots of roots up top, as dd said i took it as a sign of them thriving lol

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Sheez Falcon these girls are growing like crazy :meatballs::tommy::headbanger:
Those roots are insane :19::popcorn:


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Day 58 lights on
Day 8 12/12
Starting to see some pistils. Looks like more on soil plant than dwc atm. A very little drop in ppm in last 14hrs for dwc plant, but she is drinking:).1340ppm & 5.9 ph So going by some charts I have, that seems to be dialed in perfectly. RH is a little higher than I would like today so I have turned the speed up on the hyper-fan a touch as it was only just on. I still haven't connected the phresh carbon filter as the smell is not to bad yet.
Light is at 45300lux (647ppfd) and is approx 17.5 inches above dwc & 19 inches above soil plant. It is on 295 watts, at max it will go to 348watts.

soil 1_LI.jpg
soil 2_LI.jpg

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I see them pistils... :ganjamon: looking great Falcon. These girls have been strong growers from the start. :bravo:


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Day 60
Just a quick update for Sunday Morning. Got up 10 min before lights out and snapped a few pics & topped up the dwc as she has drank, drunk..(shit that reminds me of last night :19:) approx 3 ltrs in a few days. Topped up with 1ltr plain water and 2 ltrs of the original soup mix that I had made extra.
Dwc still not pushing pistils yet, but the organic well on her way.
soil d60 - Copy.jpg

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Looking great Falcon these girls are strong. I’m excited to see the difference in flower production between your dwc & soil. :meatballs:
topped up the dwc as she has drank, drunk..(shit that reminds me of last night :19:)
That makes two of us! :48::19:


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Day 62
D12 12/12
Yesterday I gave the soil a drink with 5ltrs of just water with appox 300ml of run off.
Tonight I gave the dwc a fresh soup mix as I had topped her off with fresh water to that same amount of the original mix. I upped the ppm a touch from last change as she seems to like it. The stretch is definitely starting to show. Soil plant has little flowers popping up everywhere, and the bud sites look great
Dwc looks like she is only just starting to show some pistils. I should have definitely thinned out more branches on the quadline's before flipping I think. It going to be a pretty big defoliate and branch thinning when the stretch finishes. :peace:
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