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Fall '15 - White Rhino & Exodus Cheese


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Smoke and weight report!

White Rhino in jars curing but weight prior to cure - 47 grams, little disappointed in the weight, from the looks of the buds I was expecting 3.5 zips.
First smoke, ok, not a lot of flavor or fragrance, decent high, 4 +/-. Hopefully it will be better by the end of cure.
I love the structure of this plant, the nodes were very symmetrical, tight spacing and buds are fairly compact. I think I may stagger the harvest of the 6 plants in the SOG now, I harvest this on at the breeders time recommendation.

Exodus Cheese, second week of cure, the weight prior to cure was just under 3 zips. Am pleased with the flavor and fragrance are very nice, definitely cheeses smelling, love the draw and the exhale is very good. Little cough, very good high and long lasting. I give it a 4.6.
THe plant structure was sativa dom, buds were fairly compact and firm. I again harvested at the breeder's recommendation and will stagger this harvest. There were very few amber trichs, around 60% cloudy at harvest.

I have kept mothers of each plant

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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