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Fallen Cannabis Warrior: James Long aka Bonsaiweed


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Great post Sue. Thank your for being a part of our lives @Bonsaiweed , your presence here was always a present. Rest easy friend.


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Just realized my chem 91 clone in the flower tent was actually a bonsaiweed clone . And it is huge. Showing some purps on the leaves. I was oblivious tell it was in my face this evening.


Van Stank

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Semper Fi brother. You officially stand relieved of your post and are free to enjoy your afterlife Bonsai.

Sue, thank you for a fantastic write up. You do amazing work around here.....thank you.


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Beautiful post, Sue! I'm sure that Bonsai is looking down and is touched by it.

I miss you, Bonsai. You were a good guy. I wish I had known you better.

My condolences to Shelle and her family. :love:

P.I.P. (Party in Peace :laugh2:), my friend.





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Recreational here out! Keep one twisted for us.
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