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Fallen Cannabis Warrior: Jimmy Parker aka OldMedMan


November 2, 1941 - February 19, 2017

Jim Parker; Cannabis Warrior, Retired Army Sergeant First Class, beloved husband of Joanne Simon Parker and father of 3 sons; Timotao Max Parker, Byron Max Parker & Russell J. Simon, sadly passed away at 5.12pm on February 19, 2017 in his home on Kailua, Hawaii, at the age of 75.

His ashes will be buried at sea, as per Jim's request. There will be an official, yet informal military memorial for him on March 15 at 1pm, for anyone who wants come. We will be announcing the location as soon as Joanne receives it.


Jim aka OldMedMan, was a leading light here at 420 Magazine for many years. Joining as member in 2009, he quickly established himself as a warm and welcoming presence, his kindness and humanity shining through all his posts. He was Member of the Month five times, but for many here, he was the member: his posts rose above simple grow information, revealing the warm and gentle man behind them.

Jim's life had been a colorful tapestry of interwoven events, enlivened by his open character, his inquiring mind and his willingness to talk to and connect with anyone. Although he had never grown his own Cannabis until he began journaling on 420 Magazine, Jim was no stranger to our beloved herb. Indeed, he spent a year in jail in Greece for possession of less than a quarter of a gram of hash.

"Jim was a computer genius until 3 years ago, when memory started going from the dementia. He was never been mean to anybody. He totally loved 420 Magazine and learned a lot from it. According to him, he had some really good stuff that he learned how to grow, from the website. He was a real fighter, I called him my energizer bunny. Until Jim's illness took over, 420 Magazine was a major part of his life. He would tell me about all the friends he shared stories with. He really loved everyone like an extended part of his family."
- Joanne Simon Parker (Jim's Wife)​

Jimmy & Joanne Parker's Wedding Day 09/24/83

Jim's extraordinary exploits in Greece and Italy whilst serving in the US military make fascinating reading. Fortunately his stories will never be lost since he wrote his history in a series of blog entries here on 420 Magazine. Jimmy was a natural writer and communicator, and his tales of his travels and adventures with a whole cast of colorful characters, range from Greek tragedy to high farce.

Jimmy & Joanne Parker Renewing Vows With The Pastor 02/09/15

Jim eventually retired to Hawaii with his beloved Joanne. His retirement was 420 Magazine's gain, and his numerous journals, blogs and off-topic threads have enriched both our understanding of Cannabis and our online lives. He was truly loved and will be deeply missed. He was diagnosed with dementia in 2014, then bladder & kidney cancer in 2015.

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OldMedMan's Tributes:

"Jim Parker aka OldMedman, with a reputation beyond repute, was the center of much attention and a friend to many members of this community. He served as a mecca, whose journals would be found by all those that possessed the dowsing rods of the Cannabis Spirit. At least in my eyes.

Jim was a kind hearted man who made any and all feel welcome in his humble journals, where the novice could learn simple and effective gardening techniques, but could also find access to more experienced growers and techniques as well.

He shared his life story with us, he comforted those in their times of need, he showed grace and compassion to everyone, even when they may not have deserved it."
- Aaron Quix (420 Magazine Product Reviewer 2010 - Current)​

"If it weren't for brother Jim, we would not be the same as we are today, he was such a strong pillar to our tight-knit community for so long. I also know I would not be the same person I am today, and am very thankful I was able to benefit from his love, compassion , and knowledge in cannabis as a medicine and natural plant of our world.

May his soul rest in peace and may he be in a better place now - free to explore the Universe in a different form."
- Lester Freeman (420 Magazine Moderator 2012 - Current)​

"A class act in every way. Old Med Man....you are missed. Save me some of the good stuff up there."
- Doc Bud (420 Magazine Product Reviewer 2009 - Current)​

Jim's Fem Bud - See All Of OldMedMan's Medical Cannabis Gallery

"OldMedMan or Jim, as his friends knew him, was a career American military soldier and veteran of wars and conflicts across the globe.

OldMedMan had grown Medical Marijuana in soil for some time with considerable skill, his grow journals are full of excellent high quality photographs of Cannabis plants and buds alike. He tirelessly passed along his knowledge and skills to anyone and all who he came across in his daily interactions on 420 Magazine, inviting and welcoming new 420 Magazine members to subscribe to his grow journal in kind.

When OldMedMan wrote in his own, or other 420 Magazine members' grow journals, he had a wonderful manner of pleasantly making comments or helping members with his knowledge of growing cannabis with soil mixtures. Always one to share a compliment, Jim's gentlemanly charisma charmed scores of 420 Magazine members new and old alike. When I read the daily 420 Magazine subscription updates, I always left and saved OMM's Aloha Journal until last to read. There were far too many ongoing updates, to allow me to focus on replying to 420 Magazine members who needed help. I saved his journal for last to read, so I could sit down, relax and enjoy reading it.

OldMedMan wrote as you do to family and friends; also included updates on his family, health and other personal information which invited, included, entertained and charmed you further into his life and home. OldMedMan shared here and there, anecdotes and stories of mischief from his younger life, which charmed you with his charisma.

Losing my friend Jim is painful, I hope for what lies on the other side, Jim has his stash of seed from his best Cannabis he has grown and smoked over the years, 40 acres and a mule!"
- John C aka KingJohnC (420 Magazine Product Reviewer 2010 - Current)​

Jim's Violator Kush - See All Of OldMedMan's Medical Cannabis Gallery

"Jim was one of a couple of members who cemented my relationship with 420 Magazine when I joined some three years ago. My Greek location peaked his interest, given his own time spent here. Not only did we exchange stories about the this wonderful country, Jim also held my my virtual hand as a first-time grower. He was a kind and careful teacher, letting me make the necessary mistakes, never chiding or admonishing, always gently guiding and advising. Reading his blogs showed a life well-lived, a man who had embraced the best and worst and remained a constant gentleman.

"Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
- Teddy Edwards (420 Magazine Moderator 2015 - Current)​

"You know those commercials on TV for "The most interesting man in the world"? Jim Parker, aka "Old Medicine Man" or just "OMM" was the real life version of the "most interesting man in the world" - at least to a lot of us that interacted with him daily on the forums. The stories he told about his life were legendary. World travel, drama, intrigue and romance were all common themes, and the fact that they obviously came from a real life lived made them that much more interesting. He was my best friend of the members there.

He seemingly had love for everyone he met, and genuinely cared about anyone who took the time to get to know him. His impact on me was significant. I modeled my online behavior upon his first, and then some of my life's philosophies, too. I saw him go through so many painful and difficult health and life challenges, but always come away with a positive attitude and resolve. When I had my major surgery he was one of the first to check on me to see how I was. He genuinely cared how I was, and he was worried about me. The feeling was mutual, as he was on my list of people to contact right away in case anything went wrong.

It saddens me that we lost touch the last couple of years, even more so that it was my own fault (if not unintentionally so). That's going to be difficult for me to get over, truthfully. Upon reflection I realized the last words he said to me were, "I love you". I love you too, bud, I really do. Rest in peace."
- XLR8 (420 Magazine Product Reviewer 2009 - 2016)​

One Of Jim's Harvests - See All Of OldMedMan's Medical Cannabis Gallery

We give special thanks and deep gratitude to ChronicHempHog, for being a tremendous help to Jim & Joanne over the last few years, by visiting often and helping with things around the house, including Jim's grows. We are truly grateful for Cronic delivering our message to Jim, and Jim's message to us, the day he passed.

"Saw Jo this morning and Jim of course, the nurse was there helping Jo clean up Jim. I gotta say, I was next to him and told him of all of you sending your love and thinking of him, and he smiled. His eyes were closed, but a bit later he opened his eyes for a bit before closing them again. He knows you all care and love him."

"I have sad news for everyone. Brother Jim passed away today 5:12 pm. I received a call from Jo 4 minutes later and went down asap. I am glad I was able to tell him of all your love and good vibes yesterday, and I know he heard it, when he smiled, when Jo was talking with the nurse. I spent a bit of time alone with Jim. As I talked to him, I could feel his presence in the room. I had goose bumps, so I know he was listening and heard what I had to say. As Jo is alone at this time, I will do what I can for her. Jim's ashes will be scattered in the ocean, as he wants to be set free. I will take her out and help her with this, as I said in my previous post. There will be no service, as he did not want one."

"The way he liked to interact with people on 420 Magazine was just out of goodwill and kindness. He loved everyone on 420 Magazine, as he loved to grow and watch his plants. He loved sharing his photos of his plants on 420 Magazine, sharing his knowledge on growing and life itself. He was always a happy guy and loved to spread his happiness and kindness. Before he started having trouble remembering, he'd be on 420 Magazine all night looking for new grow journals to join, going through all his updated subbed journals, helping anyone he could and spreading cheer. He was always smiling and happy to be posting on 420 Magazine, reading peoples post. He was the true spirit of what 420 Magazine should be and he loved everyone he knew and met on this site. This website and the people gave him somewhere to be and something to do and he loved it.

I met Jim hanging out on 420 Magazine. I myself was lucky enough, as this was the first site I came across, but I've heard of other places where people aren't so kind if you don't know what your doing and have seen that this site is a very great place for people to hang out share and learn. No one makes you feel bad if you don't know, all they try to do is help the best they can, sharing their knowledge and insight. I have been blessed getting to know Jim. I have seen first hand of his kindness and caring, helping a young man out when he needed it by giving him odd jobs to make a few dollars. Basically it was both of them being friends, helping each other out. Jim has had a great impact on my life, and I hope I have impacted his life in some way also, because Jim will always be in my heart."
- CronicHempHog (420 Magazine Contributor 2012 - Current)​

One Of Jim's Stashes - See All Of OldMedMan's Medical Cannabis Gallery

Jim was our highest profile member, and had more friends and fans than anyone here to date. Anytime one of his followers got out of line, I could always count on him to help me mediate escalating situations between members. They all looked up to him, many as a father figure, so when he spoke, they listened. He was always kind and happy to speak with me and truly helped us keep peace in our community.

It was a pleasure hosting him for all these years, then heart breaking when his memory started going. Not many members touch me in a way that Jim did. It's a shame to see him go, however I'm glad he is no longer in pain. Sending you all my love and positive energy through the universe Brother Jim, wherever you are.

We have lost a brother, a great friend and a wonderful man, for which we are truly saddened. We thank you for your service, your compassionate energy, your wild stories and your dear friendship, Brother Jim. You now join the ranks of Fallen Cannabis Warriors; Jack Herer, Franco Loja, Josh Williams, Peter McWilliams, Michelle Rainey, Sister Somayah, Eagle Bill, Ronnie Smith, Ranger Danger, Tod Mikuriya, Jim Finnel, Tim O'Donnell, Mark Heinrich, Howard Marks and many more. We will continue our collective mission, until the last man and woman is set free from possessing our beloved plant. Your contributions to our mission will remain in our archives, continuing to help others in need of Cannabis, for many years to come. Sending you and your family all our love and positive energy through the Universe, wherever you are. :love:

Rob Griffin & Everyone at 420 Magazine :circle-of-love:



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A truely class act. He left the bar raised high.

Thank you for this thoughtful and heartfelt tribute to a great man. :4: :love:


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Nice tribute to a great guy Rob et al !!

I posted this in the wrong place I guess so will repeat it here.

Seems like I keep losing old friends and to hear of Jim's demise just after losing a buddy recently that I first met in grade 1 sure isn't lifting my spirits.

I first got to know Jim here about 8 years ago and always enjoyed his journals. Kept in touch by email and an occasional phone call on the times I wasn't around the forums tho not in the last couple years. Tho I didn't comment much about his ups and downs I read about them and it saddened me deeply. We all have to deal with our eventual and unavoidable end and he faced his like the warrior he was.

Good-bye Jim. You will be sorely missed by many.



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If there is a heaven, you can bet Jim is there with one helluva lot of beautiful plants growing in Air Pots. It's really difficult to know that we have one less truly good person here on earth, but I am comforted by the influence he has had on so many of us. In this sense, I think the "OMM" will live on forever in the people he has touched and influenced.

Even though we hadn't talked in a while, I think of you often. You had such a positive impact on me, in the way that you handled adversity, in the way you interacted with others, and most of all in the way you loved those you were close to, unconditionally. You were a great friend, and a great man. I love you buddy.

RIP my friend. :love:

Aaron Quix

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This tribute is beyond amazing. Fitting, as Jim was an amazing man. Good bye Old Friend, until next time.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the content of this tribute, and thank you for putting this together with so much care and detail Boss! :Namaste:


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A gentleman, gardener, advocate and friend are just a few names I can think of to describe the kind of person Jim was. I'm going to miss his humour, wit and charm. I wish his family all the best. :love:

We'll meet again my friend,


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Thanks Rob for putting this together :Namaste:
I couldn't help but cry when I read it :circle-of-love:

Doc Bud

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Old Med Man was one of the most unique and well loved people on the forums for along, long time. He was a solid grower, a savvy cannabis connoisseur, and was always cheerful, optimistic and kind to everyone who came into contact with him.

He is greatly missed by all. He's a rare individual and I am personally very thankful to have had contact with him over the years. He not only made growing fun, but he defined and exemplified the community of growers and the mutual exchange of ideas that occurred during those years on 420Mag.

God bless him and his family. We miss you OMM!


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In the wind,,, Keepem Green


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Aleister Crowley wrote... 'O windy star blown sideways up the sky!'... So true for so few... Jim was a comet in my and my family's life since the 90's... My computer tech mentor...my 420 buddy...most important...my dearest friend... There are stories and things we shared that are for no one else to know... Jim... like poetry, was himself a magic spell...ineffable...

It is sad his comet and reflection has passed... Now... Jim is checking out the rest of the universe...

Aloha nui loa... Stephen... Timra... Talon... Raven... Llandrin... and... the rest of our hui...


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Rock On


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Jim was a friend right off the bat. Back in 2010 I found this site on the internet, just looking to make a grow that was decent instead of my usual cr@#p. Jim was one of the first of many that came to my rescue. The funniest guy and a very generous one to boot. I mentioned on one of our threads that my camera was not working. It was no secret that I was kind of struggling financially at the time. Jim sent me a camera.!! Unbelievable. The man will always have a place around my table, wherever it is. Wish I could have met him in person. I haven't been a fixture here in several years, but I'm sure there are thousands of us that will miss that wonderful man. My condolences Jo. You were a major part of the story.

Happy Kitty

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I am sorry to hear that Jim has passed.

He truly was one of a kind, and his sense of humor a big part of that. He was a dear friend, and our conversations through the years were always a great experience regardless the topic of the day. He offered great advice to anyone who asked, no matter how many times he'd answered that same question. I knew when OMM was here there would be lots of laughter, good stories, and new pictures to talk about. Jim will be greatly missed by all.

Aloha dear friend


420 Member
Jim, you will be missed!!
You have carried us all on the wings of Angels, through your sacrifice and Service for Our Nation, in every corner of the globe. You have uplifted us all with your friendships, kindness, and willingness to help us all through good times, and bad. You will always be remembered for your strength of Character, Empathy, and Respect you shared so freely with all who entered your life.
Namaste, my brother!

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