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Fallen Cannabis Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"


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Fallen Warrior — Seth Lavender, AKA "Big Irish Doode"

Recently we lost a long-time member, contributor, and friend to 420 Magazine - Seth Lavender. We all knew him as the "Big Irish Doode" or often, as "BID" for short.

Seth (BID) joined 420 Magazine in 2010. His larger than life personality was quickly on display, and he made himself immediately known in our community through his positivity, kindness, eagerness to learn and willingness to help. He was excited and excitable about cannabis and it's healing properties and worked tirelessly to spread that word to others.

Seth grew cannabis only for himself and those he cared about, never once trying to profit from it or the suffering of others. He was deeply generous and worried about anyone who was sick, and would do anything he could to help them heal. To know him at all was to be his friend - there was no other way, as it was impossible not to like him almost at once. It didn't matter that he wasn't rich or couldn't afford the latest equipment on his own. Seth had an impeccable sense of right and wrong, and he was steadfast about that. He was an idealist of the highest magnitude, and it was wonderful to see some of that love come back to him in the form of gifts from friends and sponsors on our website — because they believed in him and what he stood for and was doing to help others. In addition to cannabis, Seth was extremely interested in the use of herbs and natural remedies, and knew exactly which herbal supplement to take or recommend based on what was ailing either himself or a friend. He also loved coffee, and ever self-sufficient, he even grew his own Arabica plant.

He was a pioneer in LED growing, and taught us all the finer points of growing cannabis in coco-coir. His growing skills earned him multiple awards in our community, including member of the month, nug of the month and plant of the month (an impressive trifecta not often duplicated). His journals are filled with valuable information on cultivation, breeding and life-lessons. He played the sounds of thunder for his plants and liked to sit with them and "watch them grow". Those of us who followed his journals did so with anticipation. We couldn't wait to see his gorgeous buds or hear whatever rant he was going to enlighten us with.

We learned not only about his beautiful plants, growing style and thoughts on cannabis, but also his love for music, nature and people - especially his girlfriend "Spiffy", whom he clearly adored. Seth was at once a fascinating mix of love, compassion, creativity and an unapologetic headbanging metalhead.

In his sister's words:

"He was like my dad. He raised me and walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. He was very passionate about your website, his grows, his coffee and his family and his music! I appreciate your love and respect towards him. He was loved by so many and had so many talents. I will miss him dearly. He's hanging with the best."

"420 family I know you are going to miss BID as much as the rest of us. He always had the answers and if he didn't he would find them. This is our time to pull together in his memory and help his family. He may no longer be with us here on earth but, he is watching over each and everyone of us. BID will be missed, but never forgotten. His love for natural healing and his genetic knowledge has been his legacy."

From his girlfriend, "Spiffy":

"I wanted to tell you how much he loved the 420 family. He would get up in the morning get his coffee and then turn on the computer. He wanted to make sure that any question the guys had for him where answered before he started anything else that day. Seth had the biggest heart. He worried about anyone who was sick, he always wanted to make you feel better. He was so full of knowledge. If he didn't know an answer he would go and find it. He would spend time with his plants just because he loved to watch them grow. I would go and sit with him while he was watering he would have sounds of a thunder storm playing. He said it helped the girls. I don't know if it does or not, but he really believed it did.

Away from his grow he was just as giving. I can say I have never met anyone who knew Seth that had a bad thing to say about him. Every time we went to town we would bump into someone who he knew. I could expect to be standing there while he talked for no less than a half hour.

There is so much I could say without even scratching the surface of who Seth was."

From his brother:

"Seth was an amazing man. He believed in loyalty to his family, friends and his "girls". He was a father to his culturing as well as his sibling's. He will be cherished and remembered forever. I love you Seth! You were my older brother and father figure."

Here are some quotes from "BID" that I think say much more about his character than anything we could write:

"my friend with cancer came by for a visit and refill yesterday. i told her about the drama. the thought of me stopping had her in tears, and that my friends was all i needed to cement my resolve. she said one of the 2 reasons she's getting better and fighting is me and her desire to be a mom to her kids, she also wants to document and show the world terminal cancer can be cured with cannabis. she has the utmost faith in it, and me, how can i ever give up? you know she has already exceeded what they predicted when i met her over a year ago. she had a few months. Lol, i told her "i dont see an expiration date stamped on you". i got her watching "the secret", and on my meds she looks like a different person now. she has gained weight, has a full head of hair now and you would not guess she was sick! shes so excited about the cannatonic. it's funny she has read about the power of cbd and is just convinced its her final cure. faith is a powerful thing! funny how in times of worry life will provide these motivators and signs you cant help but go "ok i get it i know what im supposed to do! message received"

Seth speaking about his love for the community and the love shown back to him:

"btw, for those of you curious: a member among you gave me the chiller and nute monitor out of the kindness of their heart. frikkin brand new in the box! just to help me conquer hydro and knowing how much i struggle with finances - partly because i refuse to "sell" my meds. i give them to sick people free of charge or "donation". i do that because when you're dying of cancer and not a millionaire you are likely broke and in deep debt due to insurance being crappy and not covering so much. my friend could not afford even an eighth from our dispensaries here... it makes me crazy, people are sick, dying, in pain and not able to afford relief or grow their own so they are forced to be a criminal or suffer. oh my... sorry for the rant. it just gets me every time i think about it. so anyway, i am humbled by this kind of selfless generosity and this is the only place i have found people like this that will give with no expectations. amazing and awesome!"

Seth's sense of humor was second to none. Here he was speaking about a new 396 gph water pump he'd recently installed in his hydro set-up:

"...this thing is like a damn uncapped fire hydrant - or one of those old water weenies that would whip around the front yard and knock all the kids in the neighborhood unconscious, and our parents would see the pile of bodies and say "oh look how sweet they are all getting along!"

Our sincere condolences go out to Seth's family. His loss will be felt in our community, but his legacy lives on in the lessons he taught and the examples he set for us. RIP old friend. :rip:




Please consider helping Seth's family: Seth Lavender Memorial Fund by Shell Lavender

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Mr Messy

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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

You were truly a pioneer in mineralised coco. I thank you for your knowledge and friendship. I didn't know you well be you opened up and gave me advice that has changed my health, my passion and my knowledge to a higher plain. Without you this would have not happened. There are many growers here on this site but none with the understanding of how natural products can work in a symbiotic way even in an artificial environment. A bit like us humans I guess. You were a ganja guru my friend. The best I've ever meet.
I wish you and family peace, forever.


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

Nice guy the world's better for having and worse for losing. My condolesences for his family.


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His grows and his words were amazing, and this is a devastating loss to the community. I teared up reading all the great things written about him, and you can still see the impact and imprint he left on everyone. After reading his words for months on end, he turned out to look exactly like I thought he would, a band member from Pantera. You were bigger than life BID, and will be forever in our hearts and grow rooms.


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

Bless BID, he was a good friend ever since I joined 420. Rest well BID. :peace:


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

The impact BID made on this community is testament to the great man he was and I know he is deeply missed by many. I wish I had joined here much earlier as I would have loved to have got to know him much better, the conversations we had, I will treasure forever. He was one of a kind & a true diamond in every respect. RIP big man :love:


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

A glorious person with a giant heart


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

Rock On
\m/ .v. \m/
Big Irish Doode


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

Bless BID...he's with us in spirit


Member of the Month: April 2013
Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

I miss my friend :rip:

Thank you BID for all you taught me about growing and living. :Namaste:

Thanks for making this thread Xlr8


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Re: Fallen Warrior - Seth Lavender, aka "Big Irish Doode"

My sincere condolences to Seth's family and friends in real life and to all friends in the forum, past, present and future.

"BID" was the first person (and only person, besides 420) to add me as a friend in this forum and I never knew this man´s name until today..

This news was not my usual update from or about "BID", I normally get a notification in my email "Inbox" telling me that "BID" commented in a thread I'm following or he updated a grow report, not this time.. I cried when I saw his name today for the first time and so did many others here in Sweden..

"BID" will be missed by many and Seth Lavender will live forever. :love:
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