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Old Salt

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well they werent watered yesterday :/ the caretaker got on the mandy and neglected them...
so will be 48hrs between waterings :(
hope they will be ok lol
It's hard to find good help...:rolleyes:


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well they dont look good, only checked the rh atm but droopy as hell.
not only that he left the lid off the ph pen
checked it in ro water showing 9.5 lol thats knackered then
hope the diode is salvageable or he can get a new one, inly a couple weeks old and more expensive one aswell

fortunately the company the last one was from insisted i have a free replacement to try again which actually arrived today..
my deliveries come elsewhere tho, so 40mib round trip to pick that up.

will turn lights on for the autos now and water once pen is calibrated

Old Salt

Member of the Month: Apr 2019
It's best to open the tent only when the lights are on, but needs sometimes trump this. If you can prevent as much light from entering the room as possible by closing the doors, and blacking out the windows, that would be best. If you need a little more ambient light to see, try a green light. Cover a flashlight with a green garbage bag if you need to. Don't let any light directly hit the plants. In the wild, or outdoors they can take moonlight, and the light that spills from our cities.

Will you sing them "Moonlight Serenade" while they are "Dancing in the Rain?"

Old Salt

Member of the Month: Apr 2019
ok snuck in
dumped 2l through the critical quick
the gas dont look too bad
but the critical is a bit droopy
done as quick as poss with as little ligt lol

wish me/them luck folks
You've got it! Best of luck for a complete recovery!


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so the critical actually looked quite perky after the earlier water, surprisingly
and after what are we on end of day 10 on 12/12 and its flowering nicely

has been under the cheapo led directly so think it might have been stretching a bit towards the qbs lol but no dramas here

gas 1 on the other hand, from where its limbs were already quite a length, having drooped over has unintentionally supercropped a couple of them, one fell onto the fan, and as its oscilated has caught up, had to cut one of the lower node sides off, and have tied up a couple of the worst ones for some support, i think it will bounce back, for now ive moved it directly under the cheapo led and moves the critical direcrly under the qb. the last 240w qb will arrive tuesday. needs it asaps.
no signs of sex from what i can see yet.


gas 1 i dont think has even noticed...

and am im right in thinking she is maybe a she??

not so bad in here as with the royal haze lol


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@Old Salt
the royal haze have perked back up, but now all the upper (healthier ifwe can call it that) growth has lifted its exposed how bad the underneath
looks awful
just running my hand gently up and down tonnes fell off,
some of the shoots and bud sites dying and look rough lol

not only that, but these just dont seem like the buds are really doing anything, alls i can tell is that the bloody plants have just got taller still, a fair few inches taller than me..
the buds still look airy and not much to them. they are day 84 above ground.
photo dump coming, this is after i knocked a load off still, i really dont know what to do.
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Old Salt

Member of the Month: Apr 2019
Just feed and care for them like you did before. The plants sacrificed those leaves to stay alive. They may not finish as well as they would have before the neglect, but they'll give you some bud to harvest.


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@Barney86 here you av a look too please lol
see above ^ :D
I'm looking mate, what the fek have you done to them lol. I'll go have a flick and see what I can see. That s a sore one like. Happens to the best of us at some point though, I'll show you my current Sativas later, that will cheer you up. Knocked the timer a few weeks into bloom and it looks .like I've just spent 6 months growing 3 cabages that are gonna have to get turned into hash. Haha the joys of growing mate. Give me ten :)


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Ahh your sound mate. It's only the guts that are fucked. Looked at the bad pics first so it looked worse than it is. With the height of them, the guts wouldve all ended up knackered anyway. Long as the tops are healthy you've caught it with time to spare. Just go back to doing what you were doing mate. Strip off all the unhealthy stuff and let them focus on the buds.
Next time you gotta leave them rig up and auto feeder with a light timer and let your mate enjoy his drugs in peace lol. You clearly know what your doing so just go back to the routine and they'll perk back up. :) don't be tempted to give them extra strong feeds or anything daft like that. Just exactly what you were doing before will sort them out in a week.
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