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last buds coming out of fridge lol
these were the largest of the bunch, 40g here, 60%rh after a few hours, pretty much all jars at 62% with bovedas now.


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so i have been sharing the love and people have been trying the goodies, some folk prefer the critical, the weaker smokers, not as chesty, or as strong,but has started smelling better and defo got some taste back after a couple of weeks curing.
the gas, is quite cheesy for sure now and really quite lovely. getting good reviews from more flavour chasers and those who like the panging weeds..
i gave a bit to my friend who i got the seeds from,
he said its nothing like the gas he thought they came from, i think he’s s pretty careful about labelling stuff. but this is much more pungent and potent and similar for sure to the big buddha cheese, all good reviews though so i happy :)

in other news, oldsalt knows im venturing into another area already, but seeings as throughout my first grow it has been full of new things for me, and its not ended just yet,

awaiting arrival this week, if i am honest i could have brought some more fruity, but ive been in situations like this before, where a hobby becomes a money pit.
*que a £24k 500/500 build for a mitsi evo V RS* (many moons ago)
and i spent a lot already :D need to take the wife away soon again too ha!
plus i have little space to work with already and adding another toy.. well.
so this was a couple hundred, looked to be the better choice of the lower end stuff,
and with larger plates than some others same region.
the dabpress looks lovely but as with everything taxes and customs etc.. not worth the cost to me, this will do fine :D @Lowrider72 i might be hitting you up here in the week again for some beginner tips lol

and then of course the necessary apparatus

will have plenty of time around later his week once it all arrives to play too :D


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everyone who is trying the gas is loving it...

the single nug was the crystal beauty on the gas 2


and a few of the largest tops of colas from both gas1/2


dense musty nugs, while the gas 1 has a more pastel finish, and the gas2 a more vibrant colourful appearance, its been noted that the gas 1 perhaps has the edge in strength, while appeal and aroma may go to 2.

hoping the press will arrive soon, though i have a busy week coming up and probably wont have time straight away to set it up.
plus then the blue cheese auto in the second coming is almost ready...

what a learning curve this grow was. its actually so easy, if you research and take a care with what you are doing, and as with any hobby whereby some form of expenditure is needed, buy a good quality item, in my case the quantum watts, and a little bit of commitment to the project, to the object and to yourself, setting and smashing targets, and having fun along the way.

will be time to wrap this up soon, but not until the final experiments with squishing stuffs hehe

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well lets wrap up the journal, press arrived today, had a squishfest with a couple pals

so got squishing with the royal haze weird mint batch, 100c 5mins
done a couple pucks 4-5g and one a bit bigger, the larger one splurged and didnt work well lol

all good, dont mind testing and wasting that stuff, got a little out; not a lot. was better dabbing that than smoking it haha which i have smoked none..

then tried some critical, 4g. same temps and time, was better yield, stronger hit, slight planty taste though

then tried some gas, 2.1g with 2.1g strawberry haze @ 140c for 40s, got a nice return from these two, and the hit was muchhhh better, stronger, chesty, maybe too big a hits lol hit a fair few between us lol this stuff was nice, bashed up for a while after lol

the remainder

some from each set of runs left after they left. cant hit no more today...
fun fun fun

while im at it, on the gas, lovelyyy, flavourful, after curing flavour is chamging weekly, they were defo different phenotypes, gas 1 more musty chesty and stronger maybe, more pastel type colour, gas 2 bit more fruity hint to it tho not as chesty or as strong, much more colourful bud though, have the beauty nug in this months notm so fingers crossed. had a few people share it and like it a lot.
they were the stars of the grow and produced better weed than a lot ive brought for a good long while along with a bumperr yield!!
happy days
happy growing
hemp is the healer!
cannabis is life!!



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had some fun yesterday.
bit more squishing hehe
pretty much wraps up this journal!


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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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