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Falstaffo's World Of Green: First Timer Goes Wild With Autos Photos Mainlines & Quantums!


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i forgot to mention the addition of 2 usb fans, one in the larger area pointing at the qbs and over the top to keep cool and the other in withe the rh, in with them there is a fan clipped down low blowing under the canopy and the usb fan blowing atop, i was looking at the computer fans as theyre meant to be sweet, may get a couple of those too lol


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7 weeks ago today then since i planted the tapped seeds then, probably they were still in their wet papet towel at this time back then, about another hour and they went in lol feeling pretty good about how its all gone, touch wood no major setbacks or ailments, and have the whole area pretty much set.

recieved a copy of the revs True living organics yesterday, made a start, interestig stuff.
anyway, waffling
whats happened since last update

well last night i removed all of the lowest fan leaves from the manifoldees, open up some breathing space, as you will see after their training the other day thay bounced back well and were bushing up




these were taken 2 days after the previous posts initial trainings, so maybe 2 days ago from now.

added a big 16” pedastool fan and dehumidifier in there,
humidity and temps getting a little high, peaked at about 87f 88rh lights on,
have rh around 70now, have only had the 4” fan from small tent venting, with a 4” ducting coming in the front as passive intake, once i have the larger fan for exhaust i will move the 4” to the intake with a small filter, managable in there, and with the large fan and a couple if smaller ones there is tonnes of airflow so the higher temps arent actually felt as much
waffling again
so as i said i trimmed the lower fan leaveslast night from all three, the gas especially are so squat there was no air flow really around the base, and theb today i went in for some more heavy training,
lets take a look :D
gas 1

before training, as you can see in the above pic from 2 days ago much more space around the middle


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9hr later

not as easy to get above the critical shes stretched her base limbs moreso than the gas lol shes a bit higgledy piggledy but shes good.

all look healthy to me. also took a geeky pano shot of their gaff


and so to the royal haze autos

rh1 on the left and 2 on the right still doing their early flower stratech and filling this tent rightt out lol pulled a couple of the tallest tops under the net a bit as they were getting a bit high and closing on the lights and getting away from the rest a little, also runnig out of head height eugh lol

theyre supposed to grown60-100cm, these are way over 100cm if stretched tall and straight lol


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few images around the base, ruler is 30cm, as a comparison
i removed more of the lower growth all the way along little by little on rh1 (left) and left more on rh2 to see the difference in end results, read alot about popcorn bud and removing lower growth to direct energy up bla bla
who knows, tried a little of both. not really taken much from the canopy, a handful of fans that were blocking other lower growth earlier on which is now at canopy level...


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i have ran out of height lol i can maybe get 2cm more at the top, will need to change the hangers though, and if i take off the rack and sit the pot on the floor maybe another 2 inches.
is this bad lol


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8 weeks today
Have been trying a bit of supercropping this week, some on the rh to combat the height issues, thing i may have been a little strong on one, heard a crack lol but didnt look too bad, handnt snapped it at least hadnt quite softened with the roll enough, learninglearning

Cant see it too well in these pics didnt get any closeups lol


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Its funny the difference in size in the 2 gas
1 on the left has always been the stronger grower

I went round and rather than tie down this time supecropped each main arm and a few of the longer sprouters

Gas 2 i will do the same in a day or two
Its little middle sprout coming along, i might top it

Almost double the size difference lol
And then the critical, supercropped a few again today after trying pinching some the other day to try knuckle up the stems,
read it helps add strength to the limbs later on so see what happens, have tried everything else on these bunch so why not keep on,
8 weeks veg now and still quite short

So i have some questions actually if anyone can chime in @Emilya
@Old Salt @Barney86 @Chris Scorpio @carcass the 2 gas are in 10l fabric pots, they arent full as i havent been able to roll the sides up because of the main stems short height lol
The criticals plastic pot i think is a bit smaller still

Should i uppot them and veg a bit more or get them ready to flip now? I have some 30l fabric pots i planned to again roll the edge down make them 15-18l but have shallow but wide pots.
I have some more pure coco and also a new bag of ugra with perlite and bat shit in the mix.
Was gonna use up the vitalink coco and save the ugra for next batch but could mix the two... Or as i said, prep them and flip em and worry about bigger pots for next time lol


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You are sort of in new territory here, so I am not sure what to advise other than more soil is going to better than less soil. I have always heard that our plants like taller rather than wider, but in smart pots I am not sure that it matters much. You are going to have some beauties here soon, no matter when you flip.


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also i got a bigger fan, 8” nice and big has already made a difference around 4-5 degree temp drop, which is good, as during the day now its getting warmer the temps soared..!!! 33.7/34 c lol and rh was always high
fortunately there is lotsss of airflow inside thanks to the 16” fan and the other smaller one

so it created such a vacuum i had to cut 3 vent holes at the door end
i put the small carbon filter inside the 8” ducting a little and secured, i think i actually need to run the ducting in and down right??
still made a good difference and in summer will be great, still once they go to 12/12 lights will be on overnight anyway.
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You are sort of in new territory here, so I am not sure what to advise other than more soil is going to better than less soil. I have always heard that our plants like taller rather than wider, but in smart pots I am not sure that it matters much. You are going to have some beauties here soon, no matter when you flip.
thanks :) i love these 3 theyre warriors under my progressively greener fingers

new territory is exactly ir, and i have no idea atm, unfortunately due to my height restrictions they will have to grin and bare the wide and shallow and perform for me like good little understanding girlies :)
i planted these seeds straight into these pots and the roots filled them out long time ago, even the critical in the plastic pot had roots at the bottom for a few weeks. gas 1 and the critical are sucking up 2l a day around 80% strength and pots are light the gas 2 doesnt get through 1.4l but thats no surprise given the size difference


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Is it me, or do they all look droopy
lights had just came on and hadnt been watered yet in those pics so were still perking up maybe?

il try and get some pics when theyre wide awake, probably should have when i got up lol out for 14 hrs now
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I was just in the same situation mate. Had an inspection due (but never came) so had to keep em in veg for ages in 3gal fabrics. My solution was to dump the full pot into 20L plastic buckets. Drilled a hole 2" up from the bottom of it and turned it into a hempy. 2 weeks to root up then root up then flipped.its working out pretty well.


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Do you need to change your ph routine regularly @falstaffo ? Couldn't you just do what you did for the last feeding or does it change that much? I still don't have a PH pen (for shaaame PB!), I use the same tap water every feeding, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar. I wonder if I'm not getting the same PH water every time I turn the tap on?
so i mixup a fresh batch each day now, going through 15l per day atm, i tend to make their mic leave it a coupke hours then ph before feeding
my distilled and ro both come out around 7.4
after mixing and leaving it drops to 6-6.5, i ph down to anywhere between 5.8-6.05
sometimes, no idea why, they can drop below 5.5 and need ph’ing up
unfortunately i had made some new mixes up last night and when coming to ph it was fubared
i had only calibrated it the night before again lol had been fine.
i ordered an amazon essentials ph pen, was half price and good reviews, their essentials and basics stuff are actually usually very good, the other one was a cheap semlos one so i guess to be expected

i have the AN ph perfect mgb for next grow so you are meant to be able to not have to ph that, i guess i will still

i fully intend to leave the coco at somepoint and go tlo, all this watering and nutes and ph’ing is just a pain

i would imagine your tap waters ph is stable for the most part, mine always was
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