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Old Salt

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sometimes, no idea why, they can drop below 5.5 and need ph’ing up
I found this as well, but only with Dry KoolBloom. Do you use dry nutrients? When mixing you may be getting a different combination of nutrients.


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I found this as well, but only with Dry KoolBloom. Do you use dry nutrients? When mixing you may be getting a different combination of nutrients.
i use the growth technology ionic coco grow and coco bloom
they’re liquid nutes, the bloom tends to settle almost on 6, the grow 6.4


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oh what a day
so i spotted these last night, after the stupid ph pen breaking all it needed was unph’d food lol still had no choice, managed to get a pic tonight

only on a few if what would be the ‘bottom’ fan leaves on the gas1, am unsure at that point if it could be from heat stress, humidity related, rootbound, or because it wasnt underwaterd and the small base couldnt hold what it needed before it drank or dried out, it had started drying out totally after 24hrs like bone dry to the bottom, decided today i would repot it into a 30l fabric pot, i have rolled the sides down some though as i wanted the wider base but am able to keep the depth down a bit
i used the last of the vitalink coco i had and mixed it with the ugra coco/perlite/batshit mix with added michorizhae

well it went pretty smoothly
was easy to roll the sides all the way over the root mass and peel it off


and into the new one

so that went pretty well except the mess

now heres where the story takes an unpleasant turn
while i was moving stuff around and cleaning up etc i knocked a couple of the ties off on the critical
i went to reattach the pipecleaners to pull the arms that had sprung up back down

i can understand now the reason people add silicon
literally i was hardly pulling on the bottom of the tie around the rack to tighten and crackkkk
i didnt take a pic at this point as i panicked

only went and split the bloody stem
shit man
it wasnt all the way, maybe half lol well some duck tape and a tie to hold it tight and lets hope she can make ANOTHER fusion recovery

critical by name critical by nature ay

opinions please :( long day now its too late and have a long 2 weeks at work, still need to diall the humidity in the tent, might get a vicks thingy. anyway, sleeeeep


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well she looked absolutely fine this morning lol
other than the plaster lol would hardly know it happened, il leave the tape a few days and then have a peep.

the transplantee also looked absolutely fine nice and perky, obviously id had to pull allthe tops down to retie back into place after the move but they had all sprung up again and looking good. will give her a couple days and then clean up some of the wayward leaves etc

cant see that the issue on those few leaves has spread so hopefully was a blip and thats it


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Got militant with the royal haze.
Too much going on, pretty much hitting lights
No light getting down the middle
Too many suckers around i guess


All those little forming buds lol poor things

I have tried to tie down the taller tops to themselves a bit to combat the height now lol

They got carried away at some point and i guess i didnt manage it well lol


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@Old Salt @Emilya

Thoughts? What does it look like?
I feel like it has maybe moved up a couple of leaves, started before repotting the other night, temps are 24-29c lights on 20c lowest lights off 45-60rh working on that still, hanging some soaked towels but have a vicks cool mist thingy otw, ec is 1300-1350 calmag + ro 180-190ppm

Old Salt

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There were pH fluctuations not too long ago. That could be your problem. Let it go for a couple of days, but keep an eye on it in case it accelerates.
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Hoping yo flip them soon too actually, how long after repotting should i give it? I need to let the critical heal some more yet too anyway after its her split lol

Old Salt

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When you re-potted you gave their roots more room to grow. I'd give them a week or two before flipping them into flower.


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9 weeks above ground today

Finally getting somewhere with defoliating
Little by little buts light is starting to get through, there was so much of lol maybe
Still supercropping daily to keep them under the lights
Lots of bud sites.. How they will turn out who knows, hoping the closeness to the lights wont hurt too much lol tough shit either way


The issues on the leaves on the gas havent spread, all seems well
Supercropping a fair bit on the critical, loads of tops on these plants, will give it through the week, then mass defoliate and start to switch lights

This time in 2 weeks il be on holiday and have drafted my friend to come feed them lol will mix up a load of feed to last the week fingers X no drama lol
He has grown some before so has some experience at least so all should be well

Currently doing some major research into living soils and planning to switch from coco for next batch, the resources and time for coco growing are a pain for me as i work long hours half the month lol draining needing to tend to them a couple hours daily...


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well well
after opening up for dinner time
tops on lights singed leaves and a fire hazard lol
had to take them out.

problem solved.
can shower at work so all good
is what it is lol


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@Old Salt how do you adjust your light schedule, straight switch to 12/12 or staggered over a couple of days? i have searched a bit and couldnt find a real consensus. im sure there are better threads on it than im pulling up in the search bar but finding them isnt alsways so straight forward lol

Old Salt

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I leave them in the dark for a day, then start with the 12/12. I noticed the first flowers came more quickly with this than the seven day changeover I did with the same strain a while ago.

Old Salt

Member of the Year: 2019 - Member of the Month: Apr, Nov 2019
ok, my friend reckons dropping half hour a day for 2 weeks..
ive not seen anything on staggering that long though.
from what i have read seems like its wasting time?
That's what I think.

Captain Cannabis

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I agree with OldSalt on this. I do a 24hr dark period before flipping, and it initiates pretty quickly. I've tried dialing back, and honestly, just wasted precious time. I also had ALOT more stretch with dialing back the time. This can be a significant pain in the arse, especially with Sativa strains.
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