Falstaffo's World Of Green, The 2nd Coming, Photos, Autos, Quantums & Quadlines!


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Hey guys and gals
Ready to start the next batch,
current grow journal still in progress hereplanned to just run one thread but for ease and less confusion piling it all in one il make a new one for next batch.

so what do we have planned..

The strains

2 @SeedsMan Alaskan purple fem
2 00seeds bubblegum fem sourced from seedsman also
and 2x Heavyweight 2fast2vast autos


dunked using @Old Salt method, 1l ro with .3ml calmag
one of the alaskans sank almost immediately

they will be transferred to paper towels once sank.

The medium/Nutrients

i had planned to switch to los for this next grow, but the soil i want is quite pricey, i have a big expense coming up soon, and i have a full bag of Ugra superior light mix coco, and a set of AN mgb ph perfect already here along with the growth tech Ionic im currently using
so think i will stick with the coco one more grow, and try to improve my training techniques a little more, i feel confident with feeding and the current grow has been healthy all the way, i might stick with the ionic and sell the an or use the an i havent decided yet.
The ionic is a 1 part grow and 1 part bloom, the an is 3 part system needing each adding separately so for ease experience and cost i mightt stick with the ionic.

(the medium make up, slm)

As for pots, once the seeds are sprouted i will plant the photos into plastic cups this time around,
last time i popped all into finishing pots, 10l fabric and one 8l plastic, one of the photos in a 10l fabric was uppoted to a 30l fabric with the sides rolled down to make roughly 18/20l finishing size.
i have height issues il come to next, but to try and create as large a root zone as possible i figured il use shallower but broader pots

for example

so from the plastic cups il put them straight into these, providing i can fit 4 of these full into the floor space of the tent lol
coming to that next, veg room is smaller than flower room so bit tighter fit..

the 2fast2vast i might put in either 10l fabric pots from the off or into 5l water bottles with some stones or something in the bottom for a laugh..


Veg tent will be the 120/60/150 prefab

this will house 1x 240w 2x 288qb 3500k samsung v1, 1x100w cool white 6000k and 1x100w warm white 3000k flood lights (inspiration from @ProfessorFlora for those).
A 4” extraction will be used which is vented straight outside, i have a 4ft tubular heater for if needed, last time i had the tent running enviro was sweet, will get it back running easy enough.

The autos i might stick in a 50/50/100 tent with a Mars hydro 240 and the cheapo 600w led i have, if i can keep all 6 in the upper tent with the qb though i will. will see how it goes. this tent again has a 4” extraction and a 2ft tubular if needed.

passive intakes on both.

The flower room is home made
dimesions unkown
height from lights at their possible highest height is, wait for it... 120cm...:oops:

and how it looks currently..

ligting is currently not but will be 1x 240w 2x288 qb 3000k v2 on a single heatsink, hlg driver (currently the 240w 3500k is in here and the 3000k being used but i will swap them over for this purpose)
2 x 288qb (234v2 3000k 54 660nm each) with a 240w ELG driver on indi heat sinks
and 1 x 288qb 120w hlg in 3500k.
5 boards total for 600w of quantumwatts.

im not technical enough for ppfds and fLUX capcitors etc lol, all boards dimmable the hlgs to 30% i believe the elg to 0..
Utilising an 8” extractor with a 4” carbon filter only for pressure purposes, again vents straight outside; oil rad if needed for heat, 16” and 9” fans oscilating inside, humidifier and dehueys at hand as and when needed.

so thats plants, mediums homes and lights, what else..

Ah yes, training methods, with my low height limitations ive used manifolding/mainlining for the photos in my current crop, this time im gonna be going with @Asesino85 quadline method and become a budding #quadsquad trainee for the photos definately, for the 2 autos i might try in one if i put them into fabric.
we will see ;)
thats all for now, will be regular updates along the way :passitleft::peace:
welcome aboard guys!! glad to have you along!!

so ive hung the 2 floodlights in the veg tent.

the qb can stay with the other two weirdo plants that have it atm in my other journal for the next week or 2 i guess, the seedlings should be fine to begin under what theyll have...

ive also mapped out the floor, i think il have to go with the water bottles for the autos, wont fit 4 30l pots and 2 10l aswell
Nice diy setup, should be an interesting run!
cheers, its doing well atm! just wish j had more height lol you saw the troubles i had with the auto haze and having to decommision the shower at present.. lol ggrrrrr
:oops: those things are expensive. could buy another 240w quantum board for less lol
i guess lumen meters are not the same. can get them for a fraction of the cost lol
Lumens are how bright a light appears to the human eye. The quantums will give you ppfd.
yup ive learned that much so far, i actually think i came across those quantum meters while looking for par meters in the past, saw the lumen meters back then also. well i wont be adding one of those to the artillery any time soon. if any sponsers rock up and need someone to test one tho im in:cool::p:passitleft:
900-1000 ppfd in flower.
I just looked at the paperwork that came with my light and maximum par is 765. And then it fades off pretty quick after that. Is par the same as ppfd?
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