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Family wants justice for man fatally shot by Downey Police


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Dozens of angry protesters picketed outside the Los Angeles district attorney & office in downtown L.A. on Thursday, demanding justice for a South Gate man who was shot and killed by Downey Police.
Officers were investigating a report of an armed robbery at a Bank of America ATM near Imperial Highway and Paramount Boulevard last October and shot Michael Nida, 31, of South Gate.
Nida matched a description of a suspect wanted in an armed robbery at a nearby ATM.
Officials said police detained Nida because he matched the description of the robber, and Nida ran from them. Family members told KTLA that Nida, a father of four, was getting gasoline with his wife and was not involved in the robbery. It was unclear why he ran.
As officers chased Nida, sheriff's officials said he stopped and turned toward police "in an aggressive manner."
Sheriff & detectives said Nida was unarmed. He likely ran from police because he was carrying a small amount of marijuana and had a known distrust for police, authorities said.
According to the coroner & report, the officer shot Nida three, or possibly four, times. The two deadly bullets went into his back.
Nida's family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, claiming police acted recklessly. Nida's family says he was shot without warning.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is investigating the shooting, and should be submitting a report to the district attorney's office soon.

Michael was a hard working, loving husband and father of four! He smoked weed to help him deal with the pain he had from chronic back pain. He did not deserve to be harassed or MURDERED for this!!

He was a union carpenter who worked hard to provide for his family, and also volunteered his time in his community as a coach for youth sports teams. The Downey PD admits that they were pursuing Michael Nida because they thought that he was an armed robbery suspect. However, no non-lethal methods were used in apprehending him, and their police error resulted in his death. He was on a date with his wife and had briefly stopped at a gas station when he was shot and killed by an officer yielding an MP5 submachine gun.

Authorities Admit Wrong Man Fatally Shot by Downey Cops Who Were Looking For Robbery Suspect:

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Two of the four homicides committed in Downey this year were committed by on-duty Downey Police Officers in October 2011. Other than Michael Nida, the Downey PD also shot and killed Manuel Vargas, a homeless man, ten days earlier. Shockingly, these police murders go back even further. A year prior, the same PD also killed Steven Bours, a decorated Iraq War veteran. In 2002, the same MP5 machine gun was used to kill Gonzalo Martinez! Martinez's murder was captured on video, clearly showing that he was unarmed with his hands up in the air as he was brutally shot to death.

Other Downey PD Killings:

Criminal Justice Petition: City of Downey: Remove Police Officers Involved in Killing Homeless Man Manuel Rosario Vargas | Change.org

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RW ONLINE: 34 Shots for Gonzalo Martinez

We need to put an end to this horrible epidemic, so as to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again! We are attending every scheduled Downey City Council meeting to speak out against this injustice and demand change! We welcome all of the positive support we can get! We have been rallying to bring an end to racial profiling and police misconduct, and are demanding better training for police officers in non-lethal methods. We have also met with a state assemblymember to discuss legislation restricting the use of the MP5 submachine gun in non-SWAT standard policing.Your support in our efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Would you consider sharing the information about the Change.Org petitions initiated on behalf of Michael Nida, killed 10.22.11, to your website and email address? There is much more information about the murders by Downey Police at the online petitions. Here are the links:

Justice For Michael Nida, Stop The Use Of Lethal Force By Police:

Criminal Justice Petition: END Homicides by Downey, CA Police. Justice for Michael Lee Nida II! | Change.org

Help Michael Nida's kids change the laws:

Criminal Justice Petition: Police Killed Our Father - Please Help Restrict Use of Sub-machine Guns by Police | Change.org

Thank you for your support in our mission to JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL NIDA II! ONE LOVE!!

Our Mission To Justice For Michael Nida II - Home
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