Fan leaves too big?


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I'm four weeks into my first ever grow and need a bit of advice. The top fan leaves on my plants seem to be too big for the rest of the plant. I think I overwatered them at the start so the leaves got a bit heavy? So they seem to be too big for the plant and shading the rest of it from the possible light. I'll attach a couple of photos. Should I cut these leaves off?
Is this a bag seed plant? Looks like you have the two-node mutation like our Nirvana Northern Light plant has. You would benefit from allowing this plant to Bush out. First try to just push them down a little without breaking to expose the new growth in the crotch between main stem and the big leaves up too. The new growth looks a little snarley. How far away is your light and what light? What strain? As much info as you can provide would help us help you!

Also what lighting cycle are you on, 18/6 or 12/12 and get a close up flash picture of new growth please. Hard to see what the new growth looks like.
The plant was a clone but the guy I got it off had his labels mixed up so he couldn't tell me what it actually is! I should have mentioned I topped them yesterday and think I did it right. I've got a 600w hps that's at least 20 inches away. I had some trouble at the beginning of the grow because I had the light a bit close and didn't realise that I should be spraying the leaves and stems but since then the growth has been great. On 18/6 light cycle at the moment
Yes you should've mentioned lol do not remove the leaves the two new growth tips need them still
It's okay man even if you make a mistake it will only alter the journey not end it. These plants are resilient
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