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Fan leaves


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I'm in my 2nd week of flowering and I'm wondering if I should cut off the fan leaves on my 2 plants. They're bigger than my hands and I can't help but think that some of the energy being used to sustain these leaves could be concentrated on the buds.


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the fan leaves are what gives your plant energy... theyre what absorb the light that makes the energy.


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Torco55 said:
dont trim the big fan leaves your plant needs them to grow.

That's a pretty broad answer. Generally it's not recommended to trim them off but if doing so allows more light deeper into the growth and hits more leaves, it's beneficial. It worked for me 20 years ago and works now as well. Be very selective. I've never had to clip more than 2 or 4 leaves to achieve optimal light saturation.


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I had pretty good results just bending them out of the way. . . I have trimmed a few on my last grow, but I bent them for the most part. . . everyday just bend it gently where its not in the way and not crimped, most of the time it stayed, but I have weighed them down too. Seems to be a little less stress, and possibly more energy for the lady. IMO. . . :peace:


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During veg the plants stores nutrients in it's fan leaves.
During flowering this food (already in the form needed by the plant) is used by the plant to make buds.
Removing them removes a food source.


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i would only cut them off if they look like death is knockin.but for the most part just tuck them underor over.i only cut when they cover a bud site that without a doubt is not allowing the light to penetrate directly on the bud other wise leave it alone
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