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Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant: 4 Strain Auto Grow & Perpetual All LED Baby


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Hello Eveyone
Going to start off a perpetual grow in my new room today. Starting with 6 Auto's for the first month and then adding several photo periods from there.

I just finished building a new grow room in the basement. What a pain in the butt. Wanted something a little bigger than the closet that I had been using previously. I won't bore everyone with a bunch of talk so I'll show some pictures of the room being built and get on with the grow!

Strains to start the perpetual off with:
2X Pineapple Express auto
2x Girl Scout Cookies auto
1x Crystal Meth auto
1x Sweet Dark Devil auto

Promix HP with 5% added Perlite

Pot Brand And Size:
Superoots air-pots all 7 gallon size

Light Source/s:
900W LED 520W Actual draw
600W LED 380W Actual draw
450W LED 285W Actual draw
300W LED 180W Actual draw
150W LED 105W Actual draw

Nutrients will be the Advanced pH Perfect Extended Line

4" Blower/Carbon Air Scrubber, 16 inch wall fan, passive intake.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I started building a room in the basement several weeks ago. Here are some pictures of the room during construction up until it got finished just the other day.

The basement before I started on it was nothing but concrete walls and floor.

For electric I ran 2 breakers to the room. Both breakers are 20 amp and each ran with 12-2 wire and each breaker runs 3 outlet locations. On one end of the room there is the 1 outlet in the small clone/starter closet and a 4 outlet box on the ceiling and a 2 outlet box on the floor on 1 breaker. On the other breaker for the other side of the room I have a 4 outlet box in the ceiling on that side as well as a 2 outlet box in the larger blower, supply closet and a 2 outlet box down towards the floor.

This will provide an excess of power capability to the nearly 2000 true watts worth of LED's that will be flooding the room. All outlets are 20 amp outlets as well.

The other closet with the drill in the picture is actually a big closet. Bigger than the opening anyways. In that one I built it at ceiling height so my blower and carbon scrubber can be there and out of the way of the plant area. The second closet is big enough for a bale of ProMix and all of my nutes, the blower and more. I think it will work out quite well. What do you guys think?

My old grow area was only about 3.8 feet X 3.5 Feet X 7 foot tall.

I decided to invest in some supplies and put myself to work. The new grow room is almost 6 feet wide by 7 feet long by 6.5 foot ceiling.

It's very very well insulated and here is a little 40 inch tall closet I built into the room for clones/starters. It will have a sealed door with it's own ventilation. Big enough for a small LED. Maybe my Advanced 150 would be perfect for it. As you can see I put 1 outlet in there too.


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re: Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant - 4 Strain Auto Grow + Perpetual All LED Baby

Heres a few shots of the room while I was moving in and kind of test fitting everything yesterday 7-1

So, on 7-1 (yesterday morning)
put all 6 seeds in some wet paper towel in the dark and kept them at 82 degrees.

This morning they were all ready to rock!

Sweet Dark Devil

2x Pineapple Express

2X Girl Scout Cookies

1X Crystal Meth

So I got the room fired up. Fan on low, blower on low, p900 warming up the Promix.



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re: Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant - 4 Strain Auto Grow + Perpetual All LED Baby

So here we are, you are all up to date. I'm leaving the p900 on veg constantly until they start to break soil. Then we will switch to 18/6.


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Nice diy skills. Clean set up, subbed in
Thanks man. Just checked out your passive hydro too. Very interested in doing something like that at some point. You have a nice bike though man. Broke my heart to see it out in that hail storm though.


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Well if you guys look at the taproot pics above you will notice that in the 24 hours all 6 seeds sat in the paper towell that out of all 6 the taproot on the Sweet Dark Devil shows shes anxious to get started. I just went into the room to make a change to my passive air intake and that lil hoe already came up from the soil! She was even wearing her battle helmet.

After some sweet talk I managed to coax it off of her head.

Now the wait for the other 5.

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Well, here all 6 are. 1.5 days after up from the soil. They all seem to be basking in the "sun".

On another note. For a brand new room setup this grow is also telling me how I did on the setup. I was worried that in the basement the humidity would be high. I was afraid it would be way too high and hard to keep the possibility of bud mold down. Boy was I wrong. Actually I need to step the humidity up some for veg. The last few days the humidity (on my meter) has been between 36-40%. I think my meter may be wrong by a bit but I can deal with that 36-40%. Perfect for flower cycle but for veg I may put a bowl of water down in the room. I live in a very high humidity state (Michigan) where it's almost always at least 70% and usually 80+%. My basement is unfinished and I thought it would be naturally higher down there but I'm kinda glad it's as low as it is.


I just gave each a little shot of reverse osmosis water today. This is the first water they have had since they came up.

Here they are all happily soaking up some rays



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The new room has shown great promise so far. I can bring the humidity up a bit easily for veg but for running 2 big LED's the temps are soooo easily controlled in here. Today I'm running the P900 and the P600 full blast and the temps are fantastic.

The upper (IN) temp is at ceiling height. 81.5 degrees
The lower (OUTDOOR) temp is at the soil level. 79 degrees



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OK so I went through my seed inventory.....choices choices..... I've been wondering how good the Afghani regular freebies Herbies was giving away. I have a ton of em so I just took 4 of them and a feminized Cheese and now have them in paper towell to root.

The plan will be to veg them into some monsters until the 6 autos finish so I can switch to 12/12 without cutting the autos short on 18/6 light.

By the way. All of the photo plants I just got wet will be in 13 gallon Superoots air pots like the autos are in but much bigger.

I think I want to try my hand at Fluxing at least 1 or 2 of the regular photo plants and do the standard top and super cropping to the others.


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The free afghans I got from herbies all mutated (third eye kinda mutant not the halle berry x men kind) well lol 3 of the ten that popped. Looking forward to your results. my free dinafem cheese is in its third pot right now going strong :thumb:.

The bike survived to rip around another day. that's what lazy gets you I could have put it in the garage as always.

Do you have any pics up showing how th ey mutated? Curious to see that.

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Nice job building that room in the basement. Thats what I wanted to do but didnt feel like going through the hassle. I just set up shop in one of the corners of my basement. so Far So Good with my setup. I'll be keeping an eye on this one just in case I need to close my girls up in a real room


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haha. Yea, nice ashtrays :thumb:

We will see how mine come out. The tap roots are out already on all 4 seeds so I will be planting in Solo cups tonight. I just finished plumbing my RO water into the grow room so I'm gonna take a break.


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So the room is getting busy and only to get more busy as they all grow. We now officially have added 4X Afghani regular non fem photo's and a feminized cheese photo plant.

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All the auto girls are looking good. LED's are so bright it screws up the pics. Sorry for the blurple but I cant manually adjust white balance on my phone.

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