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Fans And Ventilation Problem? HELP!


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Hi people.

I am about to start growing some seeds I recently obtained. I have little experience in growing but am learning all the time!

I will be using a 250 HPS lamp and need some help with the ventilation and fan set up.

The grow room can only be 160cm High, 150cm in wide and 120cm from front to back,if you get that!!! Probally gonna use MDF or Ply wood. Any suggestions on what type and size box to build using my 250W lamp?

What should I do about ventilation? I have'nt needed it before, but now need to use an enclosed space. Where should I put the fans and what type is best?

I was going to use a oscilating fan mounted near to the light and just open the room at night but not sure if that will be enough.

How many plants can a 250W HPS lamp grow?

Any help would be very very much appreciated. I cant wait for this next grow and look forward to adding some pics in the near future!

Thanks alot if you can help me!!!


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Re: Fans And Ventilation Problem? HELP!!!

Your HPS, is it an open hood or closed? I'm thinking its open, and I would stop at a hardware store at look at the bathroom exhaust fans. . . there should be some modest size fans, and you should see some that are really not expensive. IMO, leaving your cab open with a fan blowing won't be enough. . . and you still want fresh air pumped in while the doors are closed. . . which is why I suggested the bathroom exhaust fans. . .there also all a little different so you'll have to be creative when installing them on your cab. Not complicated, just creative. . lol good luck. . .:peace:


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Re: Fans And Ventilation Problem? HELP!!!

Thanks alot guys...I think I will definately install the bathroom fans and go with a oscilating fan...

How many plants would you grow using the same 250W HPS lamp in the same space I have...?

Knowledge is power and you guys definately have plenty of knowledge....

Peace out....
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