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Farmers Suggest That They Be Allowed To Grow Ganja

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Kancheepuram, India - Farmers from the district today vented their ire on the 'neglect' by the government towards their poor working conditions and suggested that they be allowed to grow ganja in licensed quantities in small areas, which could be monitored and used for medicinal purposes.

Those farmers who realise 66 per cent of all expenditure from paddy cultivation and consistently make losses in coconut cultivation could thus be compensated by the government, which has not fixed any bottom line for agricultural products to save farmers from losses, they said, speaking at the farmers' monthly day grievance day meet.

Among their suggestions were strengthening of agro engineering, constant training for farmers on upgraded farming techniques and for Block Development Officers to give farmers all information and helpline services.

They demanded that the agriculture department state clearly the area brought under cultivation in acres,the inputs totally required and the stocks available. Since many local fertilizer manufacturing units had shut down, fertilizer sellers were exploiting the situation.

Though registration procedures were reportedly computerized farmers found that information on land patta subdivisions had not been passed onto respective taluks, they said

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