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Fast and Vast seed problem


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Hi growers

I've recently brought some heavyweight fast and vast autos for my next project and having some trouble.

I started them off with the wet paper towel and plastic bag because it's always worked for me personally. All 4 seeds cracked open and I let the tails grow 1/4 inch before potting them. The medium I'm using is terra professional with ph water at 6.3.

So after 10 days of being in the soil only 1 of the seeds have sprouted out the soil, taking some seeds grow faster then others I left the other alone to see if anything would come of them. A week later and nothing so had a little look and seeds stopped growing and the tails where gone.

Has this happened to anyone else and what do I do from here? Do I pull the plug on the one growing, start again and order a fresh batch of seeds? If there anything I can do to the seeds to start the process again? Did I do anything wrong to start with?


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Hey and welcome to :420:

Has happened, never so many at a time, can't really say for sure what happened but I would for sure keep the baby that sprouted if it's healthy. You can throw out the rest, once the taproot stops growing, it will start getting brown (necrotic) and the whole seed dies. Make sure you leave the root to grow in paper towel until you see some white tiny hairs covering it's tip. Avoid touching the root, it's really fragile so handle with care and always place it facing down and stick it a little in the medium.

Replacing them is not going to be hard, plenty of other great autoflowering strains out there. :Namaste:


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Auto flowers should be started in their final pot, if the tap root is disturbed at all it signals flowering and will stunt or kill the seedling. When a auto is planted the tap toot grows to the bottom of the pot and that is what signals the plant to start growing upwards and flowering. An auto in a small pot will start flowering sooner and be smaller than an auto planted in a large pot or the ground. Sounds like you might have damaged the tail and triggered early death.
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