Fastest growing outdoor strain?


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Hey, any1 knows what the fastest growing outdoor strain is? Im a beginner and thinking of growing my own cos all we get here is shitty (and i do mean shitty) hash.. I've got a timeframe of mid-june till mid-october.. Oh and which strain smells the least whilst drying? :S
indicacs will flower in less time, usually end of september mid oct. youll also end up with a lot of chronic too but itll smell like a dead skunk. sativas dont have as much smell but will take much longer to flower. if youre in a huge rush you can try lowryder but yield and potency will be lost.
I just flowered at 4 inches tall and 4 internodes high with Master Kush from Nirvana. My plant is now over 3ft tall, and I can tell by it's branching theres gonna be and assload of buds on that 3ft x 3ft bush. Last time it did the same thing, flowred at 7 inches and it grew to like 5ft tall, and branch crazy. It must be the moon's gravity or mars or something lol, it still looked like a seedling when I flowered, and now it's got about 30 branches with colas that are almost perfectly flush with the main cola. It's like a see of green on that one plant with little to no training.
yeah i've decided to go for lowryder, potency isnt that bad (seeing as here itll take like 3-4 joints of hash to make you high :blalol: any1 know how many lowryder joints will get u high?) and cos it grows so quick (some ppl even reported seeding early august) but i cant find any seedbanks that have it in stock =/ does any1 know of any reliable seedbanks that stock it?:hmmmm:
Booo to lowryder, but that just my opinion. It's sweet cause it flowers so quick and everything, but thats about it. The yeild is crap, ive seen a pic of a plant that yeilded .08 grams, and it's bad quality. It's from Mexican Ruderalis which is basicaly hemp. I know to newbies lowryders seems better than sliced bread, but to me now, it's just a novelty for shits and giggles.
ah...I've seen many complaints on lowryder...whats ur opinion on GrapeFruit? Btw, if it says the harvest time for a plant is october, does that mean if i plant it at anytime (say..June) it will be ready in october?
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