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Fat blizzy

xI HaZeD Ix

New Member
nice fat blunt i rolled when i was bored, tell me wut u gues think

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xI HaZeD Ix

New Member
it was a dutch master, and i smoked the entire thing to my face, lol lets just say that after that blunt, i was picking rice and speaking chinese :rasta:


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Impressive. I've never had the pleasure of smoking a blunt--think it might put me under the table.

Oh man! Julianne, goto the store, get a blunt wrap or cigar and roll you one up! Do it now!:3: You must experience a blunt at least once before you die! :headbang:


Blunts to the head are nice and very relaxing. Ya, it's nice to have someone to blaze it with ya but if that person is a fag high, then i'll pass on it. Good joint though. <(^^,)>
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