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Fat Blunts

King Bongmaster

New Member
Fat Blunts happen
from time to time
a Fat Blunt happened
before i wrote this ryhme
Fat Blunts are
one of my favorite things
I enjoy the joy
that Fat Blunts bring
coated with honey
and packed or rolled to perfection
If smokin was a vote
Fat Blunts would win the election
cuz when I smoke Fat Blunts
I get Big Fat Puffs
I smoke Fat Blunts
an I never get enough
In the land of Fat Blunts
I rule HIGH and MIGHTY
cuz I smoke Big Fat Blunts
all rolled up tighly


New Member
"COATED IN HONEY" yo i heard bout that but how do u do it?


New Member
take the lil bit of honey and smear it all over ur blunt.. and let it dry for 5 mins. and smoke it......


New Member
dont use alot, it wont light that way..

use only just a lil... like single coated..


New Member
^^^ well said yo...


New Member
but what is the result.......i think it would only effect the roach i.e. place your lips go


New Member
yup that shit is nice, also blunts dipped in vodka and 40s
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