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Fat burner to aid in THC removal?


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Since THC is stored in your fat cells, wouldn't a fat burner aid in the process of removing THC from your body?

Keep in mind, you would need to STOP taking the fat burner as you are closer to your test. So this is really only for someone who knows there's an upcoming test, rather than trying to burn all your fat for the test you're taking tomorrow.

I'm in the process of trying to remove THC ASAP, but I understand it can be up to a 30-45 day window before it's 100% gone. I want to speed that up.

I've taken Dexaprine XR before, which is used as a fat burner & energy booster. It works similar to energy drinks, but it is specifically designed to burn fat.

Any thoughts on the effects of this in relation to removing THC quicker?

Just a quick disclaimer, please don't run out and buy a bottle of Dexaprine - there are a lot of side effects of Dexaprine, so you need to know how your body/liver/heart can handle these energy boosters.


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The best way is just through exercise and eating a high fiber diet and stay well hydrated, your body will take care of the rest.

Buddy Ebsen

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If your body eliminates too much fat at one time, more THC molecules will be released into your system and they will be passed out through saliva, urine, blood and sweat. It's easier to take a sensible approach about it. I read an article of a woman who was on probation and had to weekly urinalysis testing. She tested clean after 30 days of non-smoking, but she was getting married and went on a crash diet & using Fat Burning products to lose weight to fit into her wedding gown. The entire time she did not partake, because she wanted to remain clean. Well, she went for her weekly testing & failed after 60 days of being clean, which created a big problem with her probation. She staunchly disputed the positive test result, paid for the lie detector test and passed, but still had to finally go to a medical Doctor and have it documented that unused THC can remain in the system, even after having tested clean for quite a period of time. The Fat Burning products caused the remainder of the THC molecules to disperse from her system and showed up even after 60 days of non-smoking!


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Well, she went for her weekly testing & failed after 60 days of being clean, which created a big problem with her probation.
- This sounds like it more so proves the logic, rather than shows it doesn't help.

The entire purpose of this is to release the fat, which contains the THC. If she would have stopped taking that a few days, or a week prior, it would have stopped releasing so much fat, and thus helped her pass the test.

It's like saying that if you exercise right before you take your urine test, it may have a greater chance of testing positive, because there's a little bit of THC being released from your system. That's why it's advisable to eat a lot of red meat the day prior, so you're not releasing so much THC/fat the day of the test.

I'm not a doctor, and I don't even begin to think I understand how the internals are working here. I was hoping someone with slightly more medical background or personal experience could comment on the idea/logic.

In SABO's example, I feel like she kept pushing out the THC because she continued to take the fat burner. Since THC can remain in your system for a long time, you don't want to keep pushing it out as you come closer to your test, but rather take it for a short period of time to aid in removing larger amounts earlier on, so your body has less THC once it comes test time.
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