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Fat fingered leaves and skinny ones too?


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As my outdoor grow continues on its road to glory :allgood:Ive noticed several diff. things such as a few of my ladies have some fat fingers, and the other ladies have skinny fingers... one plant even has 9 fingered leaves...whats the difference in leaf width? One indica and one sativa??? will that make for different type bud? Different type of high? Or does it all mater on when you harvest the bud for the type of high?....:hmmmm:

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Re: Fat Fingered Leaves n Skinny ones too????

You will always find variations in foliage. Thin, fat, mixed lol. You will also find varying fingers on the leaves. 3,5,7,9,11,13, fingers being the most common. Number of fingers increases in the veg cycle, and diminishes in the flowering cycle.


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Re: Fat Fingered Leaves n Skinny ones too????

Mostly,fat leaves are indica,body stone,and skinny leaves sativa,head high.You need to find out what kind of seed/plants you obtained,and start from there..
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