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Father Wants Cannabis, Not Chemo, For 18-Month-Old Son With Leukemia

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Canada - An Ottawa father says he lost his parental decision-making rights Friday for refusing to allow doctors at CHEO to proceed with chemotherapy treatment for his 18-month-old son's leukemia. The man can't be named because the case is being handled by Children's Aid. He claims the hospital hasn't provided him with enough written evidence of his son's condition and isn't receptive to his desire for alternative treatment options -- namely cannabis oil. Initially, he says, both he and his wife were against chemotherapy as an option. However, his wife signed off on the treatment just ahead of his court appearance. "I'm kind of really mad at her, but I understand why she did what she did."

At the court appearance, the father was given until Sept. 29 to come up with a convincing argument for why the hospital should consider cannabis oil as a treatment option for his son. Until then, he can stay in contact with his wife -- and even visit his son in hospital -- he's just not allowed to have a say in what happens. "That was the court's decision. They removed all of my rights, but because my wife was willing to go along with chemotherapy, at the last minute, she's still allowed to see my kid," he said.


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Source: Cnews.canoe.ca
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