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Favorite Movie To Blaze To!


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Can't think of the name of the place but maybe it was the Punch and Judy Theater in Grosse Pointe (Michigan). Midnight showing would have the live action group down in the main seats so we would sit in the balcony and avoid most of the props falling on everyone, props like the rain drops.:)
Thats awesome!!!


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Ever get to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, back in the old days when you could take all the props to throw during the show.
You use to have to take a rain coat to the theater lol the toast, rice, confetti, toilet paper, & water . Must have been a nightmare for the cleaning crew
What ever happened to Fay Wray
Sounds like a lot of fun!! Thanks for Sharing my friend!!

Herby Green

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its on netflix btw
very funny,
not what you think at all
rated 5 STARS

I wont try to write any riddles tonight,Teddy hates it when i make him think too hard..LOL


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One film just this minute occurred to me. Haven't watched it in a couple of months so maybe it can be tested out soon.

What about Baby Driver? A lot of action, starting right when the film starts and lasting to the end with music being central to just about every scene.

I recommend the wikipedia page for the film to anyone who has interest in films and why and how they are built. The article is long but worth reading. Or spread it out over a couple of days.

Herby Green

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Watching a Series lately called Space Above & Beyond
To watch You can try Kodi, or Stremio
Depends on your idea of suspense I guess,but I enjoy it.
Great Characters and good dialogue,and humorus
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