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Favorite munchies


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Not sure if this was already made but what is your favorite thing to munch on when you're lit? I just came to the conclusion that Butterfinger is probably the closest I will ever get to heaven, oh and rootbeer floats (preferably Henry Weinhards) are super good... BTW im not fat, and i can only eat now when i'm high. If im not lit food just looks disgusting. ~KEEP ITT LIT~:51:


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cake that I make......

or a turkey sammich. mmmmm
the munchie I have right now in my hoodie pocket for when I get hungry is some vanilla oreos.


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A tall glass of milk and a pb&j!


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id have to say one of those tall cans of arizona iced tea but an exotic flavor like mucho mango and bbq wings or nuggets, if im looking for something quick pb&j is always a must


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In-N-Out...Double Double with Animal-Style Fries...damn...I'm hungry now...


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ha pb&J is top notch, but dang i always see those funny ass sonic commercials and want to try but have yet to go to one....Shiet come to think of it, i havent even seen one in person... Ill give you guys the scoop when i finally go to one:439:

Eggos with cream cheese and some AUNT JAMIMAS sp?


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Or if mango season ever gets here, some of my homemade mango sorbet with chopped candied ginger, Or Costco vanilla ice cream with hot semi-sweet chocolate sauce, or homemade lemon sorbet from concentrate with sparkling white wine and
ya, my pants are too small for me.


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I enjoy little debbie snack cakes and chocolate milk.Right now i'm rockin' ritz crackers and summer sausage made from a white tail deer, damn good.:29:


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Definitely depends. I usually really crave bread, lol. I will go to the kitchenbag of and bring a loaf up to my room. Somethimes I will put PB and J on it, lol.

CEREAL is a big one for me. I love it when I 'm not high and would probably eat it for every meal if I could. I also love Spaghettios, especially when high.

I can't cook for shit but my friend can. Even when we have what seems like nothing to eat she will whip something amazing up for us. She is very valuable, lol.

I am a vegetarian and I usually end up eating tofu or soy products. Cheese curls, cookies, and fast food are usually craved but we try not to let ourselves eat that shit except on special occasions. For example, we bought cheese curls and cookies for our little beach trip today!!!!!:439:


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Did you know that scientists think that the ability to hunt and eat meat is what allowed up the boost in proteins our brain needed to develop from cave man to modern man.

Off topic but I must give my opinion . . .

Thats interesting, I took an evolutionary anthropology class that taught quite differently. I do know that the high calorie content of meat did allow the archaic homo-erectus more time and more energy, and thus allowing them to properly adapt, no denying. However, the development of the frontal lobe is not because of meat. Also, many evolutionary anthropologists/biologists believe that we are actually de-evolving. There are many physical and medical disadvantages.

The bodies as they are now do not need meat. I personally do not like the taste of meat, when I did eat it it was ona rare occasion. I also believe that since I do not agree with the way most of these animals are slaughtered then I have no right to eat it and thus promote these activities. It is a personal decision based on personal beliefs that I do not expect anyone else to follow.

I am not against anyone eating meat, that is their choice. Both of my best friends are meat eaters as well as everyone in my family (besides my little sister).
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