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favorite smoking song to listen to?


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god.. id have to say the music video for Tool - Schism YouTube - Tool - Schism is the greatest video to watch stoned. but the greatest song to just listen to stoned is Deftones - Change(in the house of flies). but then again my group's theme song is Kottonmouth Kings - SRH just because its epic.


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tough question depends on the buzz,311, kottonmouth kings,korn, bls, c.o.c,allman bros. led zepplin, black crows, glenn miller ,count basie,george straight,alan jackson,lynyrd skynyrd, sade ,some good jazz etc.


I gotta say +reps skitzle for thinking up this great topic, I have heard a lot of good songs. Here are some of my songs that I like to blaze to:
I love Slightly Stoopid here is my favorite song by them.

YouTube - Slightly Stoopid - This Joint


YouTube - ATB - The Summer

YouTube - DJ Esgo ERCEY - Smooth (Trance Mix) 2008 2009 2010 Trance Mix

Old School Hip Hop (The real shit)

YouTube - A Tribe Called Quest - Jam

I plenty more but for now at least listen to these songs and enjoy the way of the smoke. Because Stoned is the way of the walk.
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great choice on slightly stoopid - this joint.. the whole live and direct cd is great too

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The Dead, all the way :)
Always sends me in the right direction for a great day being high.

Sunshine daydream or box of rain.

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It's always changing, but Jack Johnson is always amazing. Bob Marley too. Also I'll go with.

Lucky- Seven Mary Three
Closer- Kings of Leon
With You- Stars of Track and Field
Light it Up- KMK
Some of Ben Harper
No Rain- Blind Melon (my theme song)
some Sublime
Fearless, Comfortably Numb, Dark Side of the Moon,etc.- Pink Floyd

meh it really depends on the mood. Music is amazing. Too bad I don't have more of it.

RIP Shannon Hoon.
my favorite blind melon song's have to be soup, galaxy, and mouth full of cavities.


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i have quite a few,
like the song butterfly by crazy town,
sublime,slighty stoopid,why?,william control,& old school rap
thats just to name a few
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