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Favourite Ganj


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Re: Favourite Ganj :)

Got something called Cherry Skunk right now that's my favorite right now. lol it's great for laughing


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Being a man of simple tastes, I like whatever gets me off, be it dirt weed, Humbolt Purple, or Maui Wowie.....selections of which dates this old toker.


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I like a variety of different strains~a friend of ours grew sum
killer indoor stuff~don't know the name~but very strong & potent~
smokin that & sum purple urkle~excellent~
PEACE OUT:peace:


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Punta Rosa from Colombia. Consistently the best weed I ever smoked and if you know the right folks,it still turns up in the States a few times a year.

You can try growing it beyond the tropics but you're going to need 7-9 frost free months if you go unseeded. Everyone I know that still fools with it lets it get lightly seeded so in matures in around six months. The shit is killer grown in Colombia or in the States,seeds or not.


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Re: Favourite Ganj :)

Grape ape is my current favorite, I swear the shit smokes just like grape koolaid...and it smells like it too, and it gets you royally fucked up.

i have herd a lot recently of this grape ape i got to try this but as of now my favourit is purple kush :ganjamon:


always favored the skunk #1 and the white widow for the taste. gotta love the blueberry too!

but lately have been smoking orange kush and i must say that the smell and taste is up there with my favs and i think will be added to the list


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Picked up some Jack Herer once, that stuff knocked me out like no other.

Strawberry Cough is my favourite that I'm able to pick up on the regular.


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In my experience...

More than the strain its much more about the grower and the conditions which the plant was grown. I have always found the best weed is the weed you get directly from an experienced indoor grower which is smoked at the perfect time after the perfect cure, and the strain matters much less. Absolutley certain strains are recognizable by flavor, appearence, and effect; but the bottom line is stuff grown to be smoked is always better than stuff grown commercially. This includes a great deal of the weed you would find in a California med club or an Amsterdam coffeeshop, which is primarily grown to be sold.

The best weed is not found in one region (though for obvious reasons on average the pot in Amsterdam is better than Kansas, and certain places have an abundance of good weed, while others do not), but depends on the person and techniques used to cultivate it.

That said I would say that Sour Diesel is usually excellent. The pot I think I've enjoyed the most is probably something called Deathstar, which was a cross of Sensi Star and G13...but that was grown by an incredibly talented gardener.

The best weed of all though is the weed in your pipe...because whether it is shwagg or honey oil you need to enjoy what you have!


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mine is white widow or errrrm northern lights , no wait wots that other one....... kush, yeah man kush is king , errm maybe not ...... theres so many i dont wanna pick , i,ll smoke em all. but seriously(i think) white widow for me. luvverly smell and a nice smoke.
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