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February Group Flip - 4/20 Harvest?

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A number of us following one another's journals here on 420mag have come to the realization that we'll be flipping from veg to flower together, on February 10, which is tomorrow!

Here's who I know for sure is in:

Canada Guy

Our pal newty has been after us to start a group journal to track our progress together (and to have a good time growing together!), so here it is.

For anyone thinking of joining us - you're welcome here. There are no requirements for joining the group grow other than flipping on or around 2/10/2018 - which makes a 4/20 harvest a possibility as it is almost exactly 10 weeks away.

For anyone taking part - again, there are no requirements here. I'd suggest anyone joining the group posts up a pic of what they're growing as soon as they're able, ideally at tomorrow's flip if the uploads are working for you. And a little description of your grow, even if it's just to name what you're growing, would be handy too.

This isn't intended to replace anyone's journals. I've linked to those who I know are in above. If you join the group, link your journal, and drop by here from time to time to share some highlights - but I have no expectation of this replacing anyone's personal journals.

If you DON'T have a journal, this is an easy way for you to start posting up in a safe place where you'll get help and encouragement, so I highly recommend that if you're thinking about joining but unsure, that you take the plunge. I'd love to see others join our group! Don't be intimidated by joining - we're not in a competition here, we all want to see everyone succeed, and you can post as often or as little as you like. The door is wide open.

Thanks again to 420mag and the community here for making this kind of thing possible. Good luck everyone, I'm really looking forward to growing along with you guys!


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Ok a quick intro
I'm Derbybud and will be flipping on 2/10 looking for a 420 harvest date. I grow in coco and I'm a Quantum board junkie. I have 2 tents (1 4x4 veg tent and 1 4x8 flowering tent) and 5 lights hopefully by the end of the day. I grow for my daughter, LopinandSmokin, who has several medical conditions and can say she should be a poster child for why this great plant should be legalized. She stops in every now and then and I hope she gets around here as well.
I'm flipping 3 plants on 2/10 all from Crop King Seeds a sponsor here on 420. This picture has 5 plants in it and I'm only flipping the front 3 as the 2 in back I'm going to veg for at least 2 more weeks. Front left is a CBDutch treat, front right is a CBDream, and center is a White Widow.

Ask any questions as I'm usually around and I'll try to answer the best I can, but be forewarned I really have a hard time doing things by the book. I'm more of the think outside the box kind of guy probably because I live outside the box. If you'll like more of that stuff, stop by my other journal
Thanks for letting me join in and hope everyone has a great harvest at the end.


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Sweet. Can't wait to see this journal start bursting at the seams. I'm still having issues posting pics but I might make myself suffer and do it thru the web version.

Anyway enough about my problems.... I have 4 ladies in my 2x2.5 tent under a California light works 550 led light. I've got 3 white widow xtrm clones ( all newtys ww xtrm) and 1 critical kush clone. The ck is from my previous grow and as mentioned the ww are clones from newty's gals. She basically grew them out for me while I was flowering and after harvest she kindly sent them back and they're ready to flip. Stay tuned for pics.

And welcome everyone. Gonna be a fun ride.
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Flipping in less than a week so me too I guess.
Hello folks, I have a Strawberry Cough which was flipped a day ago and I am aiming for an approximately 4/20 harvest.. Pic problems here still so I will get some up soon hopefully. She is in 5 gallon of coco using AN sensi coco nutes.
Welcome to the group grow guys, glad to have you all joining in! Iti, Panta, no rush, but tell us a little about what you’re flipping when you have a chance. And hopefully everyone will be able to get pics up soon, I can’t wait to see what everyone is flipping! I’ll be posting up a couple of pics tomorrow night myself.


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Hey dobe and gang!

I've got some gals I'm veg right now. When exactly I can flip them I am not sure.... Just depends on the dry time for my freshly chopped ladies. But I'm here to tag along either way!


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Thanks Derby, Swagg, and PE for sharing the details of your grows. Some awesome strains coming!
If you guys want more info on my grow just ask. I put this together pretty quickly today before work and there's allot missing but I don't want to bore anyone either.


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I'll update tomorrow... flat out putting things together here tonight
Yeh mine are in the dark right now till tomorrow night. I have to assemble lights and move plants around and need to make at least 1 drip table. All sorts of stuff and I'm at work right now. Ooh timers and extension cords need to pick up on my way home


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I chopped today, here's an update

So on to the next round... got everyone transferred from the veg tent to flower. Done one last defoling, and thats gonna be it. We are also on our first feed of bloom.
Water 6+gallons
Cns17 bloom 54 ml
Pure blend tea 15 ml
Liquid karma 15 ml
Calmag 25 ml
Z9 5 ml
Overgrow foliage spray

1 gallon each... and distributed the extra to the short girl. I also gave everyone a good folage spray, you can use it 2 weeks into bloom, so once now and again next weekend. Adjusted the light set the fan and heater. Gotta set up another fan tomorrow... tower fan... timer is all set [emoji6] back on the 12/12...
After defol

After feed and foliage spray... all set up  
Hey guys, my name is Canada Guy.

I'll be contributing an LSD to the group flip. She is a clone of a clone, the original plant was germinated last year on 4/20. This little LSD has been vegging under minimal cfl bulbs for about 2 and a half months.

I grow in "dirt". It's Promix HP and perlite. I may go all hydroponic one day but for now I'm happy with my 'not dirt'. I have a little experience growing cannabis and many other plants and I am happy to share anything and everything I know.

Thats some basic info about me and my grow. I'll post up some pics as soon as the app let's me. Feel free to swing by my journal for the whole story.

Thanks for having me.
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Hey everyone! Here's an introduction to me and my grow. I'm a legal medical grower in Canada. I have stomach issues and treat them with MMJ. I grow in coco, hand watered drain to waste in 3 gallon smart pots. I feed GH nutes using Ase's schedule. I'm running 4 plants in flower. I'm running them under a pair of Viparspectra LEDs for flower. My plants are in a 4x4 tent.

Here's my lineup finishing up veg!

Back left is Amnesia x OG. Back right is Royal Gorilla. Front left is Violator Kush. And front right is Liberty Haze.

Amnesia x OG is a cross of the 2 popular strains, by Royal Queen Seeds. Seedsman threw this into a seed order as a freebie. Should be a nice daytime hybrid. UrbanAchiever has one in flower that should be coming down very soon.

Royal Gorilla is the Royal Queen Seeds take on Gorilla Glue. This should be a knockout hybrid. Jgrowlove has it in flower now and his is just drenched in frost. I hope mine is as frosty as his. I started this seed a few days later than the others but she looks ready to rock all the same.

Violator Kush is a cross by Barney's Farm of Hindu Kush and Malana. I've had this from dispensaries and loved it. This is the medical strain I'm really looking forward to out of this grow.

Liberty Haze was the freebie Seedsman threw in with Violator Kush. It's a cross of Chemdawg and G13. It's a Cannabis Cup winner. Jgrow grew it before and thinks highly of it, and I recently tried Chemdawg and loved it, so I'm excited to try this.