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Federal legalization, does anyone even care anymore?

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Legalization at the federal level should happen if for no other reason than to protect people’s health. There’s a lot of products floating around that are genuinely not safe to consume. The only way to solve that problem is to regulate and establish FDA type standards. I understand this takes a lot of legacy mom/pop growers out of the business and market, but it’s necessary. Every time I see a new undercover report in CA it makes me cringe because it’s always really really bad - mold, pesticides, chemicals that turn to a variation of cyanide when heated, high concentrations of butane and alcohol, mislabeled products, etc.. And that’s not reefer madness, it’s legitimately dangerous products.

Although a majority of the products containing these issues are coming from unlicensed delivery services and/or shops, that part is often left out and instead framed into a news story with a title like, “what’s really in the weed you’re buying from dispensaries?” - which is reefer madness.

I hope things get legalized at a federal level.

Here in Canada at least two federally licensed and regulated producers are facing class action lawsuits over mouldy cannabis products, and those contaminated with pesticides.


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Here in Canada at least two federally licensed and regulated producers are facing class action lawsuits over mouldy cannabis products, and those contaminated with pesticides.
They should, and I’m sure there will be more. Producers of consumables - food, cannabis, cigarettes, alcohol, beauty products, whatever - shouldn’t be allowed to sell shit with a bunch of pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and who knows what else packed in. I know a lot do, but they shouldn’t. Regulation isn’t a perfect solution to fix everything, but it’s one of the best options available.

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Does everyone here understand that there are organizations out there that have prewritten letters to state and federal representives that you can sign and send in? NORML is a good place to start because they have it set up in a way that takes all the leg work out of the equation trying to figure out not only how to get in touch with reps but also which reps are on board and which ones are not.

Personally, I try to go in and send letters in at least once a week to my reps, sometimes I do this more than once a week. I love to write and I tend to get really passionate about this subject so I'll delete their prewritten letter and write my own, but that's just me.

The thing is, this is something EVERYONE needs to be doing all the time, tell the people you know about it as well and guide them to those letters and have them sending them in and encourage them to get their friends on board too...do y'all see where I'm going with this guy's? We are the ones coming here and educating ourselves and it's up to us to educate our friends so they can educate there friends on so on and so forth. It's called a trickle effect, it starts out small but the more people get involved and get others involved, pretty soon it'll spread out of control like a virus and that should be our goal. One or two or just a small hand full of us can't do this alone, we need the masses on board!

Put yourself in the mind of these reps for a minuet and think, ok I've just gotten a few letters from people wanting Cannabis legalized, then think about them saying to themselves, there are just a few people wanting this but not enough of them to push the issue. Then think about how they would feel if tens of millions of letters started pouring in all the time in a seemingly never ending wave? Can you imagine the impact this would have on them? They would probably be thinking, WOW! I'd better get on board and do something about this before they fire me and elect someone who will do something about it.

Now step back into our world, the one where everyone wants Cannabis legalized but very few are actually willing to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and do something about it, then we want to complain about it when nothing gets done? If we spent as much time actually doing something to help the cause as we do complaining about it, then maybe the ball would get rolling but untill this happens we can expect more of the same.
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