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Federal plant limits

Dale Schafer

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Hi everyone:
I wanted to warn all of you who grow in medical states, like CAlifornia. My wife and I, were charged by the feds for growing, called manufacturing in fed language. The prosecuter added up all the plants I grew over a 3 year period to get the numbers over 100. As you should know, 100 plants in fed land means 60 months in fed prison under the minimum mandatory sentencing rules. My wife and I have to surrender on May 2, 2011 to start serving a 60 month sentence in federal prison. If you grow, dont grow over 19 plants in a year so that over the 5 year statute of limitations, you will not grow 100 plants or more. I am leaving 5 kids behind and 2 grandchildren, plus a new grandchild due in October of 2011. I am an Attornery and my wife is a Doctor. Our licenses have been suspended because of the convictions and the feds have driven us to bankruptcy. Our children are going to try to keep our house while we are in custody. Thank you and grow in peace. Dale Schafer and Mollie Fry
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Matanuska Valley

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Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness...
Sorry all that happen to you and your wife. I wish you both the best...



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Sorry to hear about your problems with the Feds! We are sending you all the positive energy in th universe to help you through this. I myself was Busted and am headed to Trial in State Court April 18th. Keep your chin up and KNOW we are here for you Dale!

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Wing.... haven't seen ya in a time my brue!

Dale, really sad to hear you are in the situation that you are. I think the saddest part about it is the time you will miss w/your family.
Another thing is, one day, the laws will change and people like you and your wife will have gone to prison for something that will be is/will be legal... come soon!

Matanuska Valley

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I really do know how you feel Dale...
I all so was busted and was looking @ time, 26yrs matter of fact and I got lucky and I had a really good attorney... well as you can read, I came ok not good but ok...
I do wish you both the very best and may God be with you... peace

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