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Feds Help SoCo Fight Pot Growers

Jim Finnel

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With more and more marijuana gardens showing up on public lands around the North Bay, the federal government is sending $110,000 to help local officials deal with the dealers and growers. The DEA grant will be sued to track and eradicate pot fields on public land and on remote private land where growers often set up shop without the knowledge of the property owner. County officials say they've been finding pot fields on property owned or controlled by the Sonoma County Open Space District. Authorities say many of the growers are illegal immigrants from Mexico.

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Another solution. End repressive Federal and state policies that encourage American corporations and small business to seek cheap illegal labor. Mexico would feel motivated to take better care of more of it's citizens if they didn't have the ability to push them off the radar.

Keep your fuggen money cause you don't have it to give.
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