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Feds Pass Minn. Marijuana Case To State

Jim Finnel

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U.S. authorities have handed a case concerning 157 pounds of marijuana found in the gas tank of suspected drug smugglers in St. Paul, Minn. to local police.

Local authorities said they found it unusual that the federal government would decline to prosecute a case involving such a large amount of marijuana, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Thursday.

"I think it is unusual," Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said. "This is a significant quantity of marijuana that these people were caught with."

Kent Bailey, head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's Minneapolis field office, said the organization does not forward marijuana cases to the U.S. attorney's office unless the amount involved exceeds 500 pounds. The St. Paul case involved 157 pounds of the substance, which was discovered by auto mechanics when the suspects took their vehicle in for service.

"It's a big case by state standards but a small case by federal standards," defense attorney Fred Bruno, who is not involved in the case but has dealt with similar cases, told the Star Tribune. "That amount would raise just about every eyebrow in the state judicial system, but maybe not many in the federal system."

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no shit, and what mechanic can you take it to that wouldnt steal your weed? i have had pipes go missing at the mechanics that i forgot. one time my roach jar went missing too...never had people be like found weed, just can't find it myself. I know it is stupid but I have forgot a few times and my friends have had the same luck with mechanics...which ones don't smoke? HAHA...


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^^^lol, right on man. I work at a Mobil gas station/garage in the twin cities and our mechanics were like "we'd bury that shit in some field, and tell the guys if they wanted it back, that would be ten-grand" and similar shit...that woulda been funny if that car made it to my shop
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