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Feds Take Exception to Chico Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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Chico, CA – The federal government has notified the city of Chico of concerns about a medical marijuana ordinance on the City Council agenda tonight.

The measure would allow two dispensaries in town. The council would issue permits for the operations after public hearings.

The measure is on the "consent agenda," which is a collection of non-controversial items that are approved on a single vote of the council.

However items can be pulled from that portion of the agenda for further discussion.

That may happen in light of a letter to Mayor Ann Schwab from U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner dated July 1, discussing the federal Department of Justice's concerns.

The letter says Congress has ruled marijuana is a controlled substance, and while department policy is to not prosecute ill individuals who use marijuana, it will go after manufacturing and distribution activities.

"The Department is concerned about the proposed ordinance in the City of Chico, as it would authorize conduct contrary to federal law ...," the letter reads in part.

It goes on to say anyone operating or "knowingly facilitates" such a facility – including property owners, landlords and financiers – would be in violation of federal law.


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:goodluck::goodluck: :bravo:Chico don't let the bast#rds in Washington push you around. In the long run the will of the people will prevail. RD :peace::peace:
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