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Feeding plants nutrients questions


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Hello 420mag,

I have 2 skunk haze plants growing outdoors (not sure what sex they are yet) they are about an inch tall and I was wondering what nutrients do I need to get them and when do I start giving it to them? Nutrients has been one of my big concerns since I don't know much about them. thanks in advance.


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They'll try to go into flower immediately, so they'll either stay tiny and produce very little bud or die from cold weather and frost. Which part of world you in?


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I don't think they would make it unless you bring them indoors for the whole grow. May is usually when you plant outdoor crops. Can you grow indoors?


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I live in New York (USA) and it usually snows in like November.

Yeah definitely way too late to plant outside in New York. You should be planting in late April (If no threat of frost) or early May.

Starting seeds indoors before moving them outdoors is the best way to give a plant a head start, and allows them to be already established when moved outdoors.

Maybe you can get a harvest if left outside, but it won't be much. Moving them indoors would be better.

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