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Feezing buds after trimming


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I was wondering if its possible to freeze my buds after trimming then bring them back out after a day and then cure them.

The reason why i want to do this is cause i was trimming one of my plants and i found a few caterpillars in them and i want to kill them by freezing so they don't do more damage as the buds are curing. then after i can find the bastard and pluck them out. i do trim as much as i can when i see them i pluck them out but I'm afraid i might miss a few. any help would be appreciated...


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Re: Feezing buds after trimming..


so u do wash the buds....mmmm I've been reading on the ''bud washing'' and I believe someone added another bucket to the process and I think they put it as the first bucket and they used 2, 16oz bottles of 3% h202 in 4 gallons of water and put the bud in it first and then into the lemon/baking soda and then on to the clean rinse water, I rinse twice and these buds come out really nice :yahoo:...lol they r curing now, can't waite to try them....,,, in all honesty I can't believe I'm washing my bud , but , it works ....fuck it....lmao oh yea..props to ''docbud'' for introducing this process, many thanx. that ''h202'' should kill any bug/worm or mold on the bud.

all in all, best of luck with ur med's

be well



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I don't know if the H2o2 kills the worms or not but I'm sure they can't breath underwater so they head straight for the surface.
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