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FelipeBlu’s Outdoor Hempy Photos & Autos 2020


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At the moment my bucket is holding 4 gr/gal of megacrop 2.0 and 1 gr/gal of Epsons and my meter was reading 940 ppm. Makes me want to cry sometimes...I guess I should use that stimulus money and get an RO set up.
Using RO sure stabilized my process of feeding.


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You measure EC with and EC meter and TDS with a TDS meter. There is a conversion between the two and google is your friend. Here is a link for a quick and easy explaination. What is conductivity and why measure it in ppm, EC, TDS, CF? I hope sharing a link is allowed otherwise they'll be after me again.

There are a some meters out there that measure both EC or PPM TDS. Top end units will include pH as well which some of us consider just as important as what in you feed. I will share that I started out with cheap meters and was very disappointed quickly. Now I use more expensive meters in the $50 to $100 range. There is a company named Apera Instruments and some of their meters have replaceable probe tips that cost less to replace when needed. Apera also has quality calibration liquids to keep your meter accurate. I think @FelipeBlu also has something from that product line. Really easy and simple to use but really accurate.
Thank you, BTz. You're turning out to be as nice and helpful as your brother.



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This is their recommended dose for seedlings = EC of 0.24

Doesn’t seem particularly hot to me.

And learning to read the plants is what it’s all about. See above in this journal. :hippy:
Any chance you could share this spreadsheet with me? I don't really understand it all but I love tracking stuff. :4:


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WOW! Summer is definitely not here. It's supposed to go down to 32 tonight from the 39 it is now. :eek:

But, that's okay by me. I like spring. It's my favourite season. Felonious and I had a nice hike in the woods behind us this morning. :4:


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Seeing a lot of leaf hoppers in the last couple of days.


These are really tricky bastards - they are fast, can scoot sideways, hop a long way, and can fly. They hang out under leaves and lay eggs in the stems and veins of leaves. You must deal with them immediately!

Fortunately, they will succumb to insecticidal soap. However, since they are not soft-bodied like aphids, you must mix 1 tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol to 1 quart of the spray to help the soap penetrate the insects’ outer shell.

Die bastids! Die! :rip:


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Good job getting that photo then :laugh:.

Seriously, cool picture. Good luck with the battle ahead.

I'm dreading getting bugs.

Ha! No way I could take that photo! It’s from the web.

Bugs are a hassle, but you can’t beat the sun.


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I have to say, that since I started providing silica, the stems on the BeBo feel like fine grit sandpaper, and the leaves are like leather. I’ve seen plenty of bugs just sitting there, no leaf damage, and what I imagine is a WTF expression.

The GLGA still seems more tender, and once again, is showing signs of attack.


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Another sunny Sunday. Chance of showers tomorrow. The kids will love it

The Berry Bombs are now sexlined

May have to up-pot these two before long. Thinking about a 20 gallon hempy..

Made of LDPE and UV resistant. What do ya think?
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