Felonious Punk's & HashGirl's First Indoor Auto Grow - 2017

Hi, Nice diary.
Just a quick one what LED are you using? maybe I missed it, also tent size would be good too.
Best wishes for a great harvest.
Felonious says he'll be happy with half an ounce from each one. He thinks the Dark Devils might yield 1 to 1.5 ounces total.

Looks like they're coming along!What do you expectations on yield for these ladies? Just curious. I just posted some new pics on my journal as well of my big lady in flower week 2 right now

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All caught up n subbd.

If the problem persists, I'd flush with low strength nutrient solution ph'd to 6.3-6.4. Make sure you get a good amount of runoff. Need to flush really good and get your soil pH balanced. When your runoff reads the same pH as you put in your good.

A quick note on thrips! Your leaves will appear to have a silver sheen to them (viewed under normal light not LEDs). They tend to hide next to the leaf veins on the underside or in the leaf stem nook where it connects to the branch/stalk.


Thanks Shaggn.

I will flush the heck out of them today and then give them a little feeding (1/4 of recommended).

I did a test of the soil pH the other day. I used soil that I had left over. I put 1 part soil in 4 parts 7.0 pH water, mixed it up and let it sit overnight. In the morning I remixed the soil and put it through a strainer. The Pro-Mix was slightly acidic (6.8 I think) but the organic was about 5.6 pH.

The pH of all 6 pots has been around 5.6 pH. Does the soil pH change as the plants take nutrients out?

Peace. :peace:
Hi, Nice diary.
Just a quick one what LED are you using? maybe I missed it, also tent size would be good too.
Best wishes for a great harvest.

The tent is 6 feet tall. I would have liked another 6-12 inches in height to give a little more flexibility in the crop choices. The light is good for a space up to 4X4.

I'm hoping this crop will yield 200g. That is about 60% of what I hoped for. So the canna yield will be lower but my knowledge is growing faster than the plants.

Peace. :peace:
Sunday February 26, 2017 2pm

Hi All,

Just finished the flush of all the plants. I don't think I flushed enough the first time I tried this. I know I didn't document the first flush so I don't know what is what from that first flush.

Here is what we started with and the pH at the end.

Dark Devil 1: Start: 5.4pH End: 6.2 pH
Dark Devil 2: Start: 5.9 pH End: 6.2 pH

Northern Lights 2: Start: 5.7 pH End: 6.1 pH
Northern Lights 3: Start: 5.9 pH End: 6.1 pH

Train Wreck 1: Start: 5.6 pH End: 6.1 pH
Train Wreck 2: Start: 5.6 pH End: 6.0 pH

I also added 1L of Bloom Booster mix to each plant. I mixed it at 1.5g for 4L. The maker suggests 1.5g per 2.5L. I'm hoping this isn't too strong.

Peace. :peace:
We will see if they improve by Wednesday or Thursday
Good afternoon.

The photos are a little late this week because I just got home from Punta Cana last night but here you go:

TRAIN 1 - DAY 35

TRAIN 2 - DAY 35

NORTH 3 - DAY 44

NORTH 2 - DAY 49

DARK 1 - DAY 49

DARK 2 - DAY 49

The leaves don't look great on any of them, in my opinion except for maybe North 2's leaves but the flowering looks great on the Darks and I'm looking forward to enjoying them at some point.
Hi All,

The pH numbers are good.

The plants look better but I'm seeing stress in the 2 Train Wrecks and North 3. Since I waited too long to water the plants because I wanted help from my Mum, the water was pH 6.7.

So I think I will run an experiment with the next grow. Half the plants on well water and the other on filtered water.

I'm also going to dump my nutrients and start anew. Even at 1/8 strength I see stress in the plants. Need to research organic nutes and start from scratch.

I expect all 6 plants will make it to harvest, with a lower than expected crop. Some is better than none, especially if you learn from it and the next crop is better.

Peace. :peace:
train 1 and 2 are definitely over watered, you can tell by how droopy the leaves are. I would not water these plants until you can lift them and it feels light. They need some time to be able to breath.

all of the other leaves that are yellowing look like they have nitrogen deficiency. Are you flushing them with water at this point? how often do you feed nutes and water each week? they will naturally yellow when flushing and nearing the end of the crop cycle but not around week 5-6.

Be prepared for a lower yield than 200g for all plants. Remember that those buds will shrink 70-80% of the original weight. Your yield will probably be around the 100-120g area

But don't be discouraged, I suggest that for the next grow you definitley start training your plants as soon as possible. Tied them down with some LST training and use the topping, fimming, or supercropping techniques. They are all very easy to do and will greatly increase your yield.

also, I know your are wanting to switch to organic but keep in mind that you will need to dial in the proper mix to ensure no deficiencies occur during your grow as you would only be feeding the plants water in that case.

Maybe try coco coir ? It's a soiled medium but with the same feel. It holds zero nutrients so you feed it daily and add cal mag. it's basically hydro with a soil feel. the roots love
It, very hard to overwater and you get big buds!

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Hi All,

Here are the plant heights:

Dark Devil 1, 22.5"
Dark Devil 2, 19"
Northern Lights 2, 22.5"
Northern Lights 3 (AKA The Runt), 17.5"
Train Wreck 1, 16.5"
Train Wreck 2, 10.5"

The Dark Devils are getting real close to harvest.

Peace. :peace:
Good afternoon.

Sorry that it's been awhile between pictures but life has been busy. Today's photos were actually taken yesterday but I didn't have time to upload them here until today.

A lot of them look similar to me and I keep getting them mixed up when I can't readily see which ones I've already posted so I'll post the Dark 1 and 2 on this post and then the Norths and then the Trains and maybe it won't be so confusing. North 2 and Dark 1 and 2 are at Day 65, North 3 is at Day 60 and the two Trainwrecks are at Day 51 so without further ado:

DARK 1 - DAY 65


DARK 2 - DAY 65

Yeah, I must admit, I really love the look of the Darks, too. I know the leaves don't look great but I :love: those buds.

And, I also love the smell of the Northerns -- sort of a light lemony scent. Mmmmm....
Yeah, I must admit, I really love the look of the Darks, too. I know the leaves don't look great but I :love: those buds.

And, I also love the smell of the Northerns -- sort of a light lemony scent. Mmmmm....

Hey HG,

Lovely looking ladies you got there. Some of them look about the size of mine (your Runt in particular...) I'm going to grow mine out a few more weeks before taking them into flower, but you didn't have a choice those being autos. I don't know if I'd like an all auto grow. hell, if I'd done that this time around, it wouldn't have worked out well with all the problems I had early on I'd never have had the chance to let them catch up to the right size. I want them bigger, I tell you, bigger, bigger, bigger before they go to flower, I tell you. The stupid librarian just came over to tell me that there's a one hour time limit on these computers. Since I've been editing my book for the last 2 hours I'd say that these stupid librarians aren't really on the ball, eh? Ok, I guess I'll cut this short. Will send out another PM as soon as I get a chance. Will try to pick up the computer tonight if I get to Two Hills in time. If not, then tomorrow I'll get it. But everything looks fine, just fine, around here. I, too, like those dark devils. I think they'd throw me into paroxyms of fear with the way those leaves look. Do they look like that all the time? I'll have to go back through earlier journal pages to see if they're always like that or if they just turn like that during flower. Okay, gotta rock this joint! Keep cool, everyone. And do your good deed today: Run over a librarian!
Felonious got a new macro lens for the good camera and shot these beauties today (Dark Devil):

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